7 Hot Tips To Save Some Bucks On Your Next Trip

    Travelling can be expensive. Especially, when you’re not too careful and do not pay heed to the basics. Even though it’s transportation that accounts for the majority of the travel expenses, but other minor expenses can add up to a great deal as well. Thus, it is important that you pay attention to even the minor details of your tour itinerary and prepare yourself accordingly.

    Here are a few tricks that would help you save some bucks on your next travel:

    Know your finance

    Currency - Money Saving Travel TipsIf you’re travelling out of the country, it’s important you know how you’re going to pay for your expenses. It’s better to do a little research about the currency and the average cost of travel in the visiting country. Plan accordingly. It’s cost-effective to have some currency exchanged from local forexes or bank beforehand. Drawing from ATMs abroad can incur costlier fees and exchange rates.

    Also, you must contact your bank and get necessary details about all the fees. Please note that an international fee may be applicable apart from regular transaction charges. If you plan to use your cards, debit or credit, go for cards/banks that waive off or charge minimal fees. Also, keep withdrawals to a minimum to avoid paying the fee multiple times.

    Informing your bank about the potential international future use is also necessary as you wouldn’t want to get your account or card frozen while you’re far away in another country on account of a fraud suspicion.

    Pack medicines

    MedicinesYou must pack a few medicines along your bags. Of course, if you’re on medications for chronic ailments you would pack them, but you should also carry some common medicines like painkillers, broad-spectrum antibiotics, vitamins, anti-allergics, cough drops, etc. At hot travel locations and airports, medicines can cost several times more expensive than normal.

    Always keep your medications in original packing/labels, and carry a doctor’s prescription for your medications. Read your airline manual carefully to know which drugs are prohibited, avoid carrying them.

    Say no to ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’

    Sometimes a business would offer you a chance to charge your card in your own currency. Such transaction is called Dynamic Currency Conversion. This may sound convenient, but it might be pricey. Not only the exchange rates may be much higher, there might be hidden fees (usually 5%) that you’re not told about and you’d end up paying more.

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    Carry a water bottle and snacks

    Drinking WaterAlthough you won’t be allowed to carry a full water bottle past the airport security, no one is going to stop you from taking an empty one. Once past it, you may fill the bottle from a water source and use it while you must. Buying water bottles at airports might be costly, so you’ll end up saving a few bucks. Also, packing a few snacks would add to your profits.

    Make use of Wi-fi wherever available

    Calls and text are costlier when travelling abroad. Always check up with your network operator for all kinds of charges. However, whenever you can make use of an available Wi-Fi, use it. You can use messenger/calling apps like Facebook messenger, Skype or WhatsApp to save money.

    However, it might be a risk to use public wi-fi, thus be protected beforehand.

    Drape Yourself in Layers

    Clothing LayersIt’s better to wear layers giving you enhanced adaptability. An innermost layer of t-shirt would prevent you from a situation when your clothes are too warm for outside and you’re forced to buy a tank top or a T-shirt from an expensive shop. Another layer of shirt or sweater would be helpful if you find the inflight temperature too cold for your liking. It would prevent you from paying for an in-flight blanket.

    7. Explore Your Options Before Booking

    FlightBefore booking your air ticket, it goes without saying that you must explore all your options. From time to time airlines throw some alluring offers that may help you buy the tickets for an unimaginable deal. Also, third-party websites may also help you knockout some great deals like Cleartip is offering, at present, a cashback on booking your tickets with air arabia.

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