What your Clothing Colour Say About You

Clothing colours carry a lot of emotions. Every colour not only effects mood but also give you confidence when wearing positive colour. Selecting a particular colour for specific occasion can led you to get recognition and success.  Everyone knows that the clothes we wear tell a lot about us. The colour we choose for our outfits creates deep impacts in our emotions and the person we are going to meet. If you talk about colours it plays very important part in our life. Even when selecting outfits for some event or occasion along with outfits colour matters a lot. So be conscious about colours when selecting your dress to wear, because colours do say something to us and illicit very different emotional responses.

Your clothing colour is the first thing that people will notice and they supposed to make image of you according to your clothing colour if you want people to give you a positive response.

Generally, cool colours like light green or blue can give you calming experience, whereas warm colours such as red  gives you exciting mood as it tends to stimulate the central nervous system. Other than warm colours cool colours release tension and make you stay cool and calm at the same time.

Using colours positively triggered emotions, surround youself with some cool and descent colours that gives you and your surrounding the positive vibes.

When dressing for important meeting or interview, plan your wardrobe to achieve good impact from others. The colour of clothing we use to wear tells bit about us. We can use those colours to feel better. Once you know, you’ll have a secret method to feel good for yourself and your day, even it wasn’t the way it started.

Check out this Infographics which help you to understand the concept the colours.

What your Clothing Colour Say About You