Are knee high type of boots still in style?

    Most people that you meet may already have a pair of knee high type of boots, whether it is caiman or alligator skin, there are people who invested in these types of boots. If you are thinking of getting your own boots, then the best advice that we can give is that you should not purchase any of it yet. The thing is, boots are a very classic footwear, and because of this trend it is over-saturated in the market thus making almost every single person that you meet own them. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. Instead of going for the simple and overly used knee high boots, why not go for the shorter ones like the ankle boots, as they are more chic, versatile and they are also priced less than knee high boots. If you have your won basic ankle boots, then you can embellish an ankle type of boot which is a very trendy thing to do this fall season and it is also a very interesting and fun way and exciting way to update your basic footwear.

    BootsThe advice stated above are directed to those who wants to try something else, instead of the usual knee-high boots, but how about those who loves knee high boots and riding boots? How about those who already own them? There is still a way for you to look modern and stylish as you wear your favorite boots.

    If you have a black riding boots and if you want your overall outfit to loo tailored and slim, then you can pair your knee-high boot with a skinny jean, a skinny black pant or another stretch fabric that is heavyweight, in this way your overall look will be modern and balanced. It is best if you wear a jean that has the same color as your boot so that there won’t be any contrast and it can create a very modern effect. You can top it off with a neutral sweater that has a color that will not contrast the colors of your boot and your jeans and so that it can keep the line elongated. You need to pair it with modern accessories and they should not be too equestrian or too chic so that it will not make your boot look very contemporary.

    Another advise that you can take in wearing your knee-high boot is that you can embrace the boho trend. The boho trend composes of a flowing floral skirt and it works very well with riding boots, or a heeled type of style. You can make the outfit work depending on the color of your dress, you can go with black, brown or other neutral colors. It is best that you choose a dress that has a flow, like chiffon overlay, rayon, fuller skirts or those with layers, so that it can balance the overall bulk of the boot. If it is thicker around the ankles, then you can go for a longer dress. If your boot is more on the sleek side, then you could work with a mid-length or a high-low dress.

    Before you style a pair of knee high type of boots with any of your wardrobe this season, you need to think classic. You can go with mid skirts or plaid ones, you can also go with crested blazers paired with jeans, or you can go with slim sweaters or cashmere. You can even go with a cable knit. It is best if you stick with colors that are made for autumn and go with neutral colors. You can also add link bracelets, a gold watch, satchels, silk scarves or smaller bags that are traditionally shaped.

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    There are things that you should never wear when you have your knee-high boots on, since not all outfits can be worn while pairing them with these types of boots. It is not recommended to wear a knee-high boot with puffer vests, as it is known as the Han Solo style and this is the reason why knee-high boots and riding boots fell out of the favor of stylists in the first place. Another style that you should not go for is pairing knee high boots with ponchos, as it is the Star Wars style territory. You should also not pair your knee-high boots with cropped pants, as this kind of look does not match everyone and not everyone can rock the look, so just to be on the safe side, it is better not to try it, unless you look good in it. The reason behind this is that the cropped pants can make your body look distorted and it can also make it look like your pants shrunk. And of course, you should never wear a knee-high boot with lots of layers, like vests and utility jackets, tunics with long scarves and tunics with multiple layers. These should not be paired up at all as it will make you look bulk from head to toe and it will not do your figure any favor.

    If there are don’ts, then there are do’s. The best outfits that you can wear with your knee-high boot is a slim black pants that can give off an elongated line and it can balance the boot and its bulkiness. With the fitted and the tailored jacket and top, it can balance the boot perfectly. Just don’t pair the boot with a kind of skirt that is shorter than the segment of your body. It is also recommended that you style your boots with skirts that are longer, so that the boots will not steal the spotlight from you. You can also wear pants that is the same color as your boots so that it can complement the rest of your outfit and look, without it having to be the focal point. If your boot is equestrian style, then you need to leave it as it is, as it is more classic and stylish that trying to make it look chic when it is not. And of course, unless the boots fit your personal style, then you need to polish them regularly and resole them. If you feel like they are not working like they used to, then that is the time that you can replace them.

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