Secrets of Choosing the Right Perfume for Yourself

Perfumes have a very strong character of their own. It is interesting to note that there are many perfumes, which have become almost symbolic of the person who wears the same regularly. For instance, your mother might be wearing that vanilla and chocolate essence perfume for ages and this perfume has almost become your mother’s smell. Again, your husband is very fond of that fresh cologne and whenever you get the smell, you know that he around.

Now, the question is what about your choice of perfume? Is there any distinct perfume that you are very fond of? Or you are a flexible person and like to try various kinds of perfumes? If you belong to the second category, here are some secrets of choosing perfumes which are just right for you.

Did you know about the fragrance families?

If you are a perfume lover, you must surely know about the various fragrance families that exist. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Floral – Floral perfumes are a favorite choice with women. Wide ranges of blooms are covered in this category. While some perfumes might be of single flower fragrance, some have floral bouquet fragrances. Some popular choices includes fragrances of gardenia, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, orange blossom, carnation etc. The fragrance can be sweet or powdery.
  • Chypre or woods – Moss notes and aromatic woods comprise this section of fragrances. Some woods popularly used in this section include cedar wood, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, pine, oak and so on.
  • Oriental – Bold, rich and exotic fragrances form this family of fragrance. Vanilla and amber are popular fragrances in this category. They have sensual appeal and more suitable for wearing during nighttime or at evening functions.
  • Fresh – Light citrus smells, airy fragrances fall in this category. Women who have an outdoor-ish personality prefer such fragrances with fresh and light notes.

Some tips on making the right choice in buying perfumes

  • Know your personality – You know yourself best. While buying the perfume keep this in mind. If you are fond of designer fragrances you can shortlist some perfumes that are in sync with your personality. If you are calm and quiet and more feminine kind, floral fragrances will be your choice. Again if you are adventurous and sporty kind, you will surely love fresh fragrances or fragrances with woody smell.
  • Always smell the trip first – This is very important. Wait for 10-15 minutes and smell it once more. If the smell seems good, spray the perfume on the skin and check the fragrance as final confirmation. Some perfumes smell differently during trips and on skin.
  • Skin type is important – As a woman, you know the correct places to apply perfume. When perfume is sprayed on dry skin, the fragrance gets blown off after some time. Perfumes are amalgamation of various notes and layers. Settle for fragrances that last longer.
  • Must-test before buying – You might not know but the perfume fragrance changes with time. The first note in the perfume is the smell that you get when the salesperson shows it to you. The second note is when the fragrance changes a little from the one that was there in the beginning. The third and final note is when the fragrance becomes strong and becomes permanent. This is the actual smell that stays.

If you plan to buy designer fragrances, make sure that you purchase them from authentic sources. This is applicable for online as well as offline perfume shopping.