How To Wear Your Dupatta

The dupatta is a beautiful, long, multifunctional scarf originating from South Asia – its name comes from a combination of the words ‘du’ meaning – two, and ‘patta’ meaning – strip of cloth.

It is a very traditional item originally worn as a symbol of modesty and often used to veil the face but it has today evolved, for the most part, into a very fashionable and versatile item of clothing that can look terrific when pulled off correctly.

One of the greatest virtues of the dupatta is that it allows for much experimentation. There are many different ways of wearing it and accessorising how it is worn alongside the rest of the outfit. Usually a dupatta would match in colour with a salwar kameez or kurta, but today there is a much greater amount of variety!

Contrasting the colour and material of your dupatta with the rest of your outfit is just the start of the options. You can really play with which options compliment the rest of your outfit and which make the dupatta stand out against it. But there is also a great amount of options in the way a dupatta can be worn. Here we assess some of our favorite ways of wearing a dupatta.