Incredible Clothing Options for the Kids on Formal Occasions

Boys will be boys, and kids should stay kids for as long as possible, don’t you agree? They should be playful and carefree for years, and feel the joys of childhood before the burdens of adulthood are placed on their shoulders. There will be enough time for them to be serious and modest, but for now they should be spontaneous. Nevertheless, what about all those formal occasions they will attend with you? You can’t let them go to their Holy Communion in striped PJ’s and slippers, no matter how comfortable they feel wearing them.


incredible-clothing-options-for-the-kids-on-formal-occasionsThere is no one good answer, this is something you will have to check with your priest as the custom differs from parish to parish and from church to church. If your children are still babies and are being baptized by pouring water on their heads, they should wear white garments no matter if they are boys or girls. If they are older, it can change, though: simple white dress for girls and plain shirt and pants for boys, or, if your priest says otherwise, anything formal will do.

Flower girl at the wedding

flowergirl-at-the-weddingSometimes bride and groom will provide the dress for the flower girl, but even if that happens parent can add a touch of color or suggest some alterations to the gown if need be. If, on the other hand, you will be the one providing the dress, keep in mind that it should, in a way, match the style of the bride. It should be formal, in a way, but not to make your girl feel uncomfortable. Simple sleeveless dress with a bit puffy skirt and maybe a belt, shoes and flower colored differently will be the right choice. Being formal, yet elegant and feminine is the look every flower girl somehow achieves, no matter if their dress is made of satin, silk, or plain cotton.

First communion

first-communionFirst communion clothing should be special, even though in some parts of the world it can differ a bit (in Scotland boys will wear kilts). Girls formal wear is necessary, as she should be dressed in white which represents purity, and boys should also wear formal clothes: suits or tuxedos. Girls wear little veils attached to flower wreaths or hair ornament, and their dresses should be long enough to cover their knees and even touch the floor.

Ring bearer at the wedding

ringbearer-at-the-weddingJust as flower girls should wear a dress that matches the dress and the style of the bride, boys’ outfit should be similar to the groom’s. If you would like to follow tradition and customs (or the bride and the groom insist), there are even real mini 5-piece tuxedos for boys of all ages to wear. This will mean that your boy will get to wear tuxedo jacket and pants, vest and a white dress shirt, topped up with a bow tie. Traditional look and elegance is everything you need on this occasion for your boy.
Knowing what to wear in what occasion is extremely important, and your child should learn that from an early age. However, be careful when dressing them up, too, don’t push things too hard and make little princes and princesses out of them every day.