10 Staple jewelry pieces every woman needs

    Jewelry is worn to pull together an outfit and finish a look. When starting a collection, focus on a few pieces that work together, then add a couple of statement pieces. Jewelry staples should keep you covered for occasions from christenings to job interviews, while still reflecting your personal style.

    The allure of staple pieces is the ability to transition from day to night smoothly and still look chic and fashionable. Here are a few essential staple jewelry pieces to include in your jewelry collection.

    1. Pearl Necklace


    Pearl Necklace

    Perhaps the most timeless accessory of all, the pearl necklace works for just about every occasion.

    Pearls add a natural sophistication and can easily be dressed up or dressed down to suit any event. Their versatility makes them a favorite among women of all ages.

    This fashion accessory goes beyond trends, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. A simple strand of pearls can take you through all the significant moments of your life with elegance. For example, a long, multi-layered strand of white Keshi pearls and silver Keshi pearls might look great on a lady in her 20s and 30s, while a diamond-studded pearl choker may be perfect for a more sophisticated, mature woman.

    2. Stud Earrings

    Whether diamond, pearl, birthstone or gemstones, simple stud earrings can add a touch of style or pull together an entire look for any occasion.

    Chunky stud earrings add some old-time glamour, whereas diamond studs can be the essence of understated sophistication, adding just the right amount of sparkle. They are suitable for casual attire, but at the same time, they are a great addition to working, elegant, and glamorous outfits.

    If you love DIY projects, making your own stud earrings is simple and fun.

    3. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    A tennis bracelet can be worn every day. Initially known as the “eternity bracelet,” it is a row of diamonds worn on the wrist. It became known as a “tennis bracelet” in 1987 when Chris Evert stopped a tennis match because her bracelet had become unfastened and fallen on the court.

    This classic looks fabulous when accompanied by other tennis bracelets, stack bracelets, or even a boyfriend watch. For an even more cherished piece, choose a tennis bracelet in your birthstone.

    4. Cuff Bracelet

    The cuff bracelet is an essential piece of jewelry, especially when there are times when you want your wrist to be the focal point of your ensemble. Cuffs come in a wide variety of metals, sizes, and shapes. Bedazzle them for a fun look, choose leather to wear with jeans and brass, silver, or gold to accessorize a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder outfit.

    Don’t be afraid mix and match styles and sizes.

    5. Watches

    watches for women

    Watches are an essential piece of every woman’s collection. This classic timepiece has been a primary staple in fashion and a practical necessity for decades. Remember the pocket watch?

    Today, watches are highly visual symbols of fashion, status, and personal identity. By wearing a watch, regardless of the rest of your outfit, it looks like you put effort into getting dressed.

    Layer it with a couple of mismatched bracelets, complement with a cuff or simply wear it solo. In solid gold or standard silver, neon colored-canvas bands or timeless leather, a watch will lend a classic touch to any outfit.

    6. Chain Necklace

    Create multiple looks with the versatile chain necklace. Gold or silver, the chain necklace is perfect to wear with anything from a sundress to an elegant evening gown.

    Wear it long or double it up or layer it. Not sure how to layer your necklaces? Pair your delicate, shorter chains with longer, bulkier necklaces. Layered in a mismatched way gives you a bohemian look.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? This piece of jewelry is easy to make.

    However you decide to style it, the chain necklace is a jewelry box necessity.

    7. Cocktail Ring

    If your hands are going to be on display, a cocktail ring adds instant bling. Not just for cocktail parties anymore, you can wear them to casual occasions, such as brunches with friends or lunches with co-workers.

    For elegant evenings and special occasions, the cocktail ring makes is the ideal addition to your party apparel. Wear them with your summer dresses for a romantic look or pair them with a pair of skinny jeans to class up the casual, everyday style.

    Beautiful and bold, cocktail rings come in a myriad of designs, sizes and shapes, and are often a great conversation starter.

    Or you can make your own. With a good selection of gemstone beads or freshwater pearls and a few other items, you can personalize your cocktail ring to match the rest of your look.

    8. Stacking Rings

    Stacking rings have become very popular over the past few years. Why? They look out of the ordinary and very original and individualized.

    They can be worn singularly as a pretty accent piece or worn together to give a maximum effect. You can style delicate rings with midi rings or simply stack smaller rings on top of each other to give them greater impact.

    They come in gold, silver, copper, and other metals. You can also mix them with gemstones, diamonds, or shapes.

    9. Vintage Locket

    There is nothing more romantic than wearing a reminder of your loved one close to your heart. Evolved from ancient amulets, lockets were most popular during the Victorian era. A vintage-inspired locket provides character and makes a modern outfit look even more in vogue.

    10. Hoop Earrings

    No article about essential jewelry pieces every woman needs would be complete without mentioning the hoop earring. They are versatile and instantly add a sense of fashion. The ideal size is between 1-2 inches. Choose a pair to suit your facial features and have fun with the various shapes, sizes, and styles.

    Final Thoughts

    When building your collection of jewelry, choose mostly timeless pieces that are versatile and can transition from day to evening wear. Make sure they are pieces you love and cherish because they are the backbone of your collection.

    Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker is a freelance fashion blogger based out of Atlanta, GA. When she’s not writing about the latest fashion trends, you can find her running around town with her rescue dog Lula. She regularly contributes to the Beads of Cambay blog.

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