7 Tips to Make Your Silver Jewelry Shine Forever

Whenever you going to ready for a party or any function, Jewellery is the first thing of every woman. Nowadays silver jewelry comes in various style, design, and pattern. Jewelry will add the shine in your beauty when you wear it with a good color combination. Shining jewelry always tells the Jewellery Valuations.

But as we all know that silver shine will dull when you put it without covering it, means silver turns black when it contact with sulfur or hydrogen. Here is the infographic by that you can save your silver jewelry shine.

  1. Clean your silver with a polishing cloth- We should always ensure to clean our silver jewelry with a polishing cloth.
  2. Wipe with a silver polishing cloth every 2-3 weeks – Silver ornaments shine will fade by the time, we should keep it in mind and should Wipe with a silver polishing cloth every 2-3 weeks.
  3. Go glam in the shower – No need to take off your silver jewelry when you are going to take a bath, actually soap is very helpful to make it clean.
  4. Stay away by the summer heat – Acidity in sweat and humidity in the air cause tarnishing, so try to avoid summer heat when you wearing silver jewelry.
  5. Avoid cosmetic things – Chemical makes a bad impact on jewelry doesn’t matter it is a silver or gold jewelry. Chemical are using to prepare the cosmetic products, so try to avoid the use of cosmetic products on silver jewelry.
  6. Stay away with ocean and swimming pools water – As we all know that the ocean water is full of salt and swimming pool water is full of chlorine and they both can damage silver health.
  7. Keep your silver jewelry safe and clean when you are not wearing it

These are some major point by that you can save your silver jewelry and it can shine forever.

7 Tips to make your silver jewelry shine forever