Try Floral Print to Stay Cool in Season

    “Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.” The immortal words of Miranda Priestly (flawlessly played by Meryl Streep) in the Devil Wears Prada still holds true today. Yes, we all know that wearing floral prints in spring is the ultimate fashion cliché, but is there any other print that perfectly captures the spring season? The answer would be a resounding no.

    Read fashion articles or fashion news in any magazine and they all say the same thing, floral prints are still in. If you want to stand out during this season, you can actually use floral prints as a weapon in your fashion arsenal. Just remember that you can break from the mold and think outside the box. This print does not need to be worn in the same way every year. This article will be discussing how you can stay cool in a floral print this 2016.

    Consider a play on the floral print

    Garments with floral prints on them usually come in the same archetype. They are usually delicate looking or feminine. Some of them will usually have a romantic feel to them paired with a couple of ruffles here and there. You should try to don a unique prints in order to stand out. InStyle has reported seeing a bolder version of the floral print, in the form of tropical or jungle prints. Fendi, Valentino and other designers incorporated this look in their Spring 2015 shows. These prints are usually more striking and are of a deeper color, which makes them perfect to match with your more basic pieces.

    Another great way to use floral prints is by incorporating them into a bohemian chic inspired outfit. Of course, you can easily wear floral prints on your clothes, but another great way to incorporate this look is by using it on your accessories. Floral accessories such as shoes, headbands and purses instantly elevate your look.

    You can find perfect examples of these looks at the recent Coachella music festival.

    How to choose and wear floral printed garment

    It would be easier to go through these garments and how to successfully pull them off one by one.


    An article about floral prints would not be complete without dresses. This is like the natural habitat of this textile. Floral prints just flourish when paired with a flattering dress silhouette. Style expert Sydne Summer recommends elevating the look of a normal fit and flare floral dress by wearing a white button down underneath. This instantly makes this dress more office appropriate as opposed to Sunday morning brunch. Another great way to wear a floral print is when it is on a maxi dress. These are perfect to add unto your wardrobe considering wedding season is just around the corner. Do you want to wear this maxi dress to a coffee date? Put on a cool cardigan or leather jacket to make the outfit look more casual.


    Floral pants were first made popular in the 1980’s. Nowadays, this trend has come back with a vengeance not only by making its presence felt in the runways, but it has also taken street style by storm. The most common form would most probably be floral cigarette pants. This makes sense because floral pants are loud enough as it is, a cigarette pant can help make this look more in keeping with everyday life. You can wear this with a nice basic camisole top, pair it with a cute crop top or if you want to wear it to the office, try putting on a solid colored blazer and voila you’re an instant office fashionista.

    If you’re more on the adventurous side, then we would urge you to try floral printed culottes. Pair this with a chic black top and minimalist heels and you are instantly ready for a night on the town with your girls, looking as chic as ever.


    Just because you have floral pieces does not mean you can’t stay trendy. Harper’s Bazaar has seen the rise of the floral suit this 2016. Floral tailored separates have made its way to the catwalks of Givenchy, ushering the continual rise of androgynous fashion.

    To make your outfit pop trying mixing prints. You can mix stripes with floral prints; stripes are considered to be neutrals in the fashion world anyways. Want to take it a step further? Try out floral on floral. If executed well, this look will make for an incredibly fashion forward outfit. Also, if you want to give your floral outfit an edgy look, try matching it with black, most specifically trying putting on a black motorcycle jacket.

    Your floral outfit does not need to be drab and boring. There are always ways to make your outfit on trend. Don’t be afraid! Stand out in a crowd of floral and ruffles. Make your spring look the talk of the town.

    Vaileria Dennis
    Vaileria Dennis
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