Simple Style Advice for Men to Dress in Their 40s

    When you turn 40, it becomes official – these are the most challenging years of your life. No matter how hard you try to think otherwise, your physical condition has started to deteriorate, and you have responsibilities to take care of. Family members depend on you, and your body starts to remind you of your physical struggles. However, everything doesn’t need to be so gloomy if you have been sensible enough to take your fitness seriously. Fortunately, taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health and dressing your part can make a difference.

    While it’s true that you should never have worn three-quarter length pants even in your younger years, it is no longer a good idea to wear flip-flops, sleeveless T-shirts or excessive jewellery. Once you hit a particular stage in life—a lucky midpoint, certain options are out of the question. So the question is, what styles make you look like a gentleman, not a teenager or an old man nearing death?

    That’s precisely what we’re here for. Here are simple tips men in their 40s can use to dress the part and look fabulous.

    Take Your Suit Game Up A Notch

    Once you have crossed 35, it’s time for you to start taking suits seriously. Since these will be one of the essential clothing items in your wardrobe, they must be properly fit. While there’s a lot you can do even with a simple suit, it is best to pair them with some sober pieces like the formal shirts by elegante to complete the look.

    Moreover, you can also combine a pinstripe shirt with a tie. This combination can look smart, and the checkered or geometric shirt will stand out. However, you should remember that your days of wearing patterned shirts casually are officially over, so steer clear unless you want to look out of place.

    Make Minimalism Your Best Friend

    As the world becomes sustainable, we are encouraged to be minimalistic and reduce our carbon footprint. This is even more important in your 40s because it is good for the environment and your style too.  Wear anything you want, but keep it plain and simplistic, and purchase items that exude quality. After all, by being able to afford the best versions, you can show just how much you have achieved in your life and how far you’ve come.

    When it comes to dressing in your 40s, less is more. Keep your clothes simple and your color palette mature and sensible. Dress traditionally, but don’t assume this means wearing tweed suits and brogues. Dress up, but not in the sense of seeming conventionally sophisticated.

    Don’t Feel Forced To Fall into Trends

    We’re not asking you to ignore fashion advice or trends, but you don’t have to adhere to every one of them. Styles fluctuate from year to year, and occasionally they change every day. Your fashion sense should not be dated by the time you turn 40. Many fads may not even be effective for your age group because they are typically targeted at a specific age. For instance, even if every fashion magazine tells you to wear light-up sneakers and a pair of torn thin jeans, you probably wouldn’t look amazing in that outfit.

    While some fashion trends may come back, that doesn’t mean you should dig through your closet for your old clothes. These fashion statements have likely changed from what they formerly were, becoming more trendy and modern to appeal to the younger generation.

    Mind the Shoes You Step In

    Driving shoes and casual loafers are two examples of shoes that always look better on older guys without socks. Conversely, dress socks must always be worn with dress shoes. Crew-cut cotton socks should only be worn with sneakers. A slightly shorter cuff is completely okay in casual pants for older guys, especially if you’re trying for a nice loafers-with-no-socks look.

    A pair of jeans should never be worn with extremely fine shoes—the kind you get shined and wear with your best suit. This type of “high-low” visual discord conveys all the wrong messages about someone who has reached a stage in life when he is aware of his style. Sneakers, casual loafers, and even boots are all excellent choices for shoes in your 40s.

    Accessorize but Don’t Go Overboard 

     Besides watches and wedding bands, men’s jewellery is somewhat debatable. While some guys won’t wear it, others enjoy accessorizing their everyday attire with classic rings, religious objects, understated beaded bracelets, and even family heirlooms. Just remember that whatever you wear, keep it modest. A simple rule of thumb is to limit your jewellery wear to one item in addition to your watch and wedding band.

    However, be mindful when choosing a watch. When you go for a walk or attend the gym, you can use a tracker, but you should never wear a digital watch. Instead, spend your money on a timeless analogue clock that will look equally stylish with a suit as it will with casual attire.

    Keep Things Trim and Tidy

    Get a regular haircut, wash, brush, and comb your hair; moisturize and maintain your beard. Being in good shape and looking presentable greatly facilitates wearing whatever you want. Wear clothes that fit well and, if necessary, invest in a reputable tailor or adjustments service.

    Parting thoughts

    It is always important to remember that confidence is the most crucial element in pulling off any look. So, don’t allow anyone to dissuade you if you feel wonderful wearing bold colours, edgy designs, and dazzling fabrics. On the other hand, if wearing mostly neutrals makes you feel dignified and chic, stick with it. The items you feel most confident in will present you—and everything you have to offer—in the greatest possible way. The best decade of your life can only begin after that. Fashion fads may come and go, but your distinctive sense of style will set you apart from the crowd. Being timeless and ageing gracefully are the goals!

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