Keep Material & Cut In Mind While On The Look Out For A Decal

If you’ve got your hands on the brand new Pixel XL, Google’s latest bid for the best Android, then you know you’ve got a great smartphone. Unfortunately, it’s not very unique. Luckily that can be rectified quite easily with the application of a customized decal. But don’t grab the first thing that catches your eye. While the look of it is important, you need to ensure it has the right material and cut to be the best Pixel XL decal you can get.

Google Pixel


A lot of stylish accessories come in large, thick, and inflexible materials. Bigger is better, right? When it’s wrapped around your XL, the answer is definitely no. The added inches alter what Google has spent so long perfecting. These accessories add unnecessary bulk to your slim Pixel, turning it into a phablet that’s difficult to use. As a result, you might find it tricky to handle properly, especially if you’re a multi-tasker who tends to text with one hand. When you fumble with a hulked-out phone, you can accidentally drop it and cause some serious structural damage. A cracked screen or bent chassis is exactly something you don’t want for your brand new, high-end smartphone.

Vinyl, on the other hand, adds none of the weight of thicker cases but packs as much of the protective powers. The skin designers at dbrand use 3M vinyl in order to provide the closest fitting accessory possible. This material doesn’t rely on thick or gloopy adhesives to hang on, and it measures a minuscule 0.23 millimeters thick. That means, when you get your skin from, the XL remains a slim and easy to use smartphone. In fact, the skin actually improves your chance of keeping it in your hand, as the 3M vinyl is processed so its texture adds significant grip.


Though material certainly is a priority, it’s how it’s used that makes the ultimate protective covering. Make sure the Pixel XL decal is made to measure the droid’s exact dimensions. Just like the thickness of the vinyl itself, a skin should only clock in within micro-millimeters of Google’s original blueprints. This level of accuracy ensures everything that needs to be covered gets a layer of vinyl, so don’t settle for anything but the most efficient use of this material.

Once you can guarantee your skin is made out of precision cut 3M vinyl, then you can go wild with its design. Choose from carbon fiber, natural wood, stone, or true colors. The choice is up to yours after you’ve sought out the best quality skins Pixel XL users can ask for. Always remember material and cut first, and style will come naturally.