We “The social beings” as we call ourselves are always in search of happiness. But one uncertainty could be noted here. Happiness is a state of mind thus an emotion and hence the so called happiness seeking social beings are more correctly described by the phrase “The emotional beings”. It is actually the emotions that control us. But to be precise the emotional state of a person is actually a matter of choice. If we believe that we are alright then in fact we are alright and if we believe otherwise then it is the other way round. And here arises the concept of beliefs and religions. These are based on the very basic human nature that if we feel safe and peaceful we are happier and thus efficient. Every religion gives a feeling that all humans are looked after and taken care by some ultimate power and that in times of difficulties we will receive help and support. This single noble concept of religions is aimed at providing us a sense of safety and goodness and this feeling for ourselves is more than enough to guide us in right direction. But as our second nature is to be greedy we exploit everything. The extend of exploitation is so much that we have not even spared our beliefs which was meant to be sacred and has jeopardized the basic noble concepts on which religions are built upon. We now utilize these concepts just for economic befits at the cost of our mental peace and precisely this is what we call commercialization of religion. It has various forms. The most recent and simple of it are even visible in social medias like “share this if you love god” and so. Today we also have various religious television channels which are also another form of this. Religious passions are also utilized nowadays to even empower various political and non political parties and organizations with various motives most of them being economical. The commercialization of religions is not something new to us. History has witnessed so much as a revolution in Europe during the Reformation movement of which one of the main cause was selling tickets of indulgences. Today it is more severe that there are even places where the more money you give to the priest the more you are considered close to god. Religion and caste based reservation in various places is yet another form of this. The more appropriate form of reservation is economy based reservation. Being different religion or different cast does not actually classify us but yes, belonging to various economic classes do classify us because religions and beliefs are something that fuels our mind and soul but money is necessary to trigger success in our life and provide the necessary thrust. Thus someone backward economically is sure to face difficulty in facing challenges of life. There is no point in saying someone is backward in terms of religion or caste because all beliefs are sacred and nothing is above or below. If still we think some are below then we are no longer secular. We should be able to respect and recognize every religion. And if everyone follows this there won’t even be the concept of reservation based on castes. Reservation should be a means to achieve economic equality in society rather than proportional participation because the ultimate aim of everything is to ensure necessary means to everyone to lead a normal life. Unless it is Utopia there will always be inequality in the society and reservation is the best means to curb it but choosing its criteria being the most crucial. Religious considerations and beliefs are entirely a different dimension of life and linking it with fortunes will be naive. tag heuer autavia replica