Emergency Roadside Assistance For Your Bike: Everything You Need To Know

    “There is no other feeling like riding a bike. You feel free from the chaos of the world, unstoppable. Riding a bike relieving stress and gives joy.”

    Imagine you and your friend going out for a weekend getaway. What you planned to be relaxing turned torment. Your bike stopped amidst a dark forest where you cannot see any help nearby. Since you have already opted for roadside assistance while purchasing two-wheeler insurance, you can relax. Help arrives in only a few minutes, and the insurer takes care of your problems.

    It is just an instance of how a roadside assistance cover can be useful in any situation. Anything that makes your journey uncomfortable, it is covered under roadside assistance protection of two-wheeler insurance.

    In the middle of nowhere, a rider being stuck is a usual sight. If you ride a bike, the possibilities are high that you may find yourself in such a situation. You may call whoever you want to, but if you’re stuck in a place far from the city amenities, it will be challenging to get the help. Staying insured against such a possibility is a wise choice. Motor insurers provide roadside assistance as an add-on cover with two-wheeler insurance policy. The low premium price takes care of the affordability factor.

    How does it work?

    As you have purchased the cover, it becomes the responsibility of the insurer to assist you 24*7 whenever you need help.

    All you must do is dial the number of your insurer and describe the gravity of the situation. It will send help within a few minutes to rescue you. Generally, most roadside assistance is free, but some support like refueling requires you to pay for it.

    What are the benefits of roadside insurance cover with two-wheeler insurance?

    If your vehicle has few wheels, it does not mean it requires less care. Ignorance is not always a bliss; it costs you a lot sometimes.

    An additional cover for roadside assistance can save you a lot of pain and ensures your smooth journey. Here are a few services you can avail from the extra protection:

    • Towing service arrangement
    • 24*7 call assistance
    • Minor repair work
    • Emergency refueling
    • Provision of a spare key
    • Accommodation or Alternate transport
    • Flat tire
    • Electrical/Mechanical Breakdown

    What factors must be considered while buying the cover?

    There are many factors which account for the additional cover of roadside assistance. Some of them are:

    • Vehicle age:

    With the increase in the age of the vehicle, mechanical issues tend to increase. Therefore, many insurers do not consider covering vehicles aged above five years. Make sure you get your bike insured within five years of purchase.

    • Frequency of service availability:

    Insurers have kept a fixed number of services which can be availed yearly or wholly. You can ask your insurer to know everything in detail if it becomes difficult for you to understand.

    • Usage:

    If you frequently travel in your bike, it becomes a must to opt for the cover. Under any given circumstances, your insurer will help you get out of the distress. Let’s take an instance where you take off-road trips frequently. The wear and tear of such a vehicle are of utmost importance. Someday, if you get stuck in a deserted area, roadside assistance cover will save you a lot of pain and hassle.

    • Cost and Convenience:

    If you are amongst those people who prefer the convenience offered by their services, it is the apt cover to choose. If you want to make it cost-effective as well, try buying the cover while purchasing the vehicle. It will save you a lot of costs.

    • Service and benefits:

    There are many benefits offered by various insurance companies while choosing two-wheeler insurance with roadside assistance cover for new vehicles. You can choose your plan accordingly and avail services that you may like.

    It will bring you peace of mind

    Roadside assistance is requisite while buying two wheeler insurance. It will help you in all the cases of unfortunate events such as motorcycle breakdown in a deserted area. It helps you maintain and protect your vehicle efficiently. The additional cover will also help you if your pet or child accidentally gets locked-in. There are many benefits which are hard to ignore. It will protect you when needed the most.

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