7 Ways to Improve your Nutrition and Health During Monsoon Season

    Monsoon drops are finally here to beat the heat of summers. Despite the age group we belong to, rainfall is the most favorite time for everybody.

    Kids love to jump in water puddles, plants and trees start to bloom, adults go for a long drive, and seniors enjoy eating steaming hot snacks with tea. 

    However, it’s not we who love the monsoon so much. Bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses also enjoy this warm, humid season for their growth and development. 

    Especially during the time of this pandemic crisis, monsoon can make our health, even more, worse if not taken care of properly. 

    4 Ways To Improve Your Nutrition During Monsoon

    Ayurveda suggests, as the season changes, we also need to keep on changing our diet. 

    We must change the types of fruits, vegetables, and beverages, we consume in a day. Also, cooking a meal in a certain way can benefit our body to stay protected against any diseases. 

    Consuming more local, seasonal, and regional foods can further help us to build immunity. Here are few tips you need to follow for improved nutrition during the rainy season. 

    Eat Freshly Cooked Meals

    Food cooked for more than 2 hours can start getting spoil and ferment, if not refrigerated. Also, a day-old refrigerated food in this season can become a good growing medium for bacteria and germs. 

    Plus, stale meals do not have enough macro or micro-nutrients left in them to benefit our bodies. 

    Hence, the best practice is to cooking fresh meals in small portions and eating them instantly. This will provide you the most of the essential nutrients for the day. Otherwise, you can just end up getting food poisoning or diarrhoea from preserved and pre-cooked meals. 

    Increase Your Fluid Intake

    Drinking more water will help you flush out the harmful toxins from your system. Never drink water from anywhere outside, especially during monsoon season. Always carry a water bottle filled with fresh mineral water in case you go out.  

    Add fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juices to your diet for good microbes and vitamins, like lemon juice and bottle gourd juice.

    You can also try herbal drinks like ginger, turmeric, lemon, and tulsi tea for immunity boosting. 

    Eat More Good Bacteria 

    You must be thinking, bacteria are not good for my digestive system then why eat it? 

    Well, bacteria are of two types, a few are bad but a few can help you fight the bad ones. Such a type of gut-protecting bacteria is good bacteria. Also, known as probiotics. 

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in your mouth, gut, lungs, urinary tract, vagina, and skin. 

    Probiotics can be consumed as a part of your meal like curd, yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, sourdough bread, and pickles.

    In case you can’t then probiotics can also be consumed as tonics, drinks, powders, and capsules. 

    Swear By Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-Bacterial Foods

    No matter how cautious we are, we can still get viral and flu during a seasonal fluctuation. 

    If you are facing a viral too then must consume vitamins like vitamin c, e, a, d. Plus, minerals like folate, zinc, iron, selenium more often in your diet.

    All these can be easily found in fresh local fruits, vegetables, and grains. They increasing white blood cells and fight against any type of seasonal viral and flu. 

    Also, eating anti-bacterial foods like fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic, and cinnamon will help you in killing further growth of bacteria.

    3 Ways to Improve Your Health During Monsoon

    Due to Covid-19, our ecosystem has become more fragile and prone to diseases like viral, flu, malaria, influenza, diarrhoea, and dengue, which further increase the risk of illness. 

    Thus, it’s essential to take care of our home’s sanitation and personal hygiene as well. Here, are few healthier choices that you must make during monsoon season. 

    Make Use of Antiseptic Liquids 

    Do you even realize how much you get exposed to bacteria and microbes after you come home getting all drenched in rainwater?

    If no, then you have to take a bath as soon as you reach home. That too with some type of disinfectant or antiseptic solution mixed in your water. To make sure nothing is still living and growing on your skin, do take a bath with Dettol or Savlon. 

    Also, use disinfectant solution with water to mop and clean your house floor. Especially, if you have a small toddler playing on the floor all day long.  

    Avoid Eating These

    If you are that street food junkie or a chaat lover, try not to get into any major street food cravings during the monsoon. 

    As most of the side stalls or street vendors don’t take care of food hygiene while cooking or while serving. Thus, it makes you more exposed to diseases like food poisoning and diarrhoea. 

    If you immensely crave street food like Pani-puri, Momos, and Chinese. Then we suggest it’s better to cook it yourself at home. 

    Apart from street foods, you must also avoid eating these:

    • Avoid Green leafy vegetables.
    • Avoid eating anything raw and uncooked. 
    • Avoid, Eggplants, Tomatoes, and Capsicum.
    • Avoid pre-cut fruits and vegetables.
    • Avoid eating excess white table salt or sugar.

    All above mentioned is strictly forbidden therefore, please avoid consuming these during monsoon season or otherwise these will have harmful health-related issues.

    Exercise Regularly

    No matter, if it’s monsoon or not. Fitness is something that you should never take for granted anyways. 

    Exercise is a way to flush toxins out from the body in form of sweat and after a good workout, you also feel a rush of endorphins in your veins. 

    It also helps to boost our metabolism which will help us get better gut health. Thus, make sure you take a walk, run, workout, or stretch every day. 

    The Bottom Line

    Yes, we romanticize rains but the truth is that this season is very prone to diseases. Many water-borne and food-borne ailments can happen very easily. 

    Thus, your health demands your attention with the right food, right exercise, and right lifestyle choices. So, use our tips and make the right choice to improve your nutrition and health even during the rainy season. 

    Nidhi Thakur
    Nidhi Thakur
    Nidhi Thakur is a fitness enthusiast who can't live a day without working out. Also, she's a health and wellness blogger at THE SCULPT FITNESS. People believe fitness is rocket science. Whereas according to Nidhi, Physical fitness is generally achieved through, the right nutrition, exercise, consistency, and rest. She always preaches that if you can trust the process, not give up, and start believing in yourself then you can achieve any health or fitness goal in your life irrespective of the circumstances.

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