Six health benefits of playing soccer

    Soccer is one of the most popular games that are played in our society, and for all the right reasons. This game is fun, full of passion, anticipation, and curiosity. Soccer fans are very obsessive about the game and especially their favorite team etc. But playing soccer can be beneficial to us as well, in many different ways. If you’re interested in knowing the health benefits of football our health, read on to find out its numerous advantages.

    Get Rid of the Fat

    Are you tired of seeing the belly roles? Nobody likes the accumulation of belly fat or fat on the body but once you have gathered and stored all these extra calories, getting them off becomes an impossible task! And it appears as if it difficult to get rid of the fat. You might decide to opt for long sessions of cardio, pilates, and whatnot. What if I told you that you wouldn’t have to spend hours on the treadmill anymore? That you can get rid of that extra fat just by playing your favorite game. The thing is continuously running in a soccer game can help you get the blood pumping through your body. It raises your heartbeat to a significant degree and enables you to reduce fat. When we run while playing soccer, our heart rate rises and the motion is similar to the effect of cardio which helps reduce the accumulated fat.

    Healthier Brain

    Soccer is perfect for our brain’s health. The elevated heart rate makes the blood circulation impeccable throughout the body, which means blood is supplied to the brain in healthy quantities than usual. This leads to an improvement in the memory circuits of our brain. Another reason of why it helps sharpen our memory is that soccer involves a lot of tactics. So to figure out the techniques employed by the opponent a soccer player needs to actively observe, memorize and quickly act upon the attempts of a competitor. It’s not the game of dummies; it requires as many wits as it requires physical strength and skills. If you want a healthier, more developed brain, then your favorite sport can help you.

    Healthier Heart

    Soccer involves a lot of running, but this running is never done at the same pace; mostly the player needs to switch between running, jogging and sprinting. The effect of this running practice is kinda similar to High-Intensity Interval Training which is also known as HIIT. So if you want a healthier heart, opt for this HIIT training like a game that gets your cardiovascular muscles working. In an average soccer game which lasts for as long as ninety minutes, the heartbeat stays at a hundred beats per minute. This means the heart muscles perform this continuous exercise for about ninety minutes which ultimately strengthens them.

    Healthier Muscles

    I would love to debunk this myth for everyone that playing soccer can only develop the muscles of Upper Body. The reason is that when we play football, we tend to use our upper body much more than our lower body in an attempt to shield the ball or hold another player off. This means that our top body muscles tend to get as developed as our legs. As for the legs, it is evident that playing soccer involves a lot of running which strengthens and tone the leg muscles, giving the calves an excellent shape. There are many warmup exercises that soccer players perform which help them build their core muscles as well. Therefore, soccer is an ultimate way of developing muscles.

    Psychological Aspects

    Soccer can make a person healthy psychologically, it involves constant effort and fighting for success. It is an ultimate stress buster. Many psychologists encourage their patients to play outdoor games since they reduce the depression level in a brain by producing endorphin which are the happiness hormones. When a person regularly performs soccer, they tend to release endorphin daily as football is a form of physical exercise. Therefore they end up being happy and relaxed. There’s a reason even prisons have soccer fields and basketballs. Sports and outdoor games are vital to retain sanity of a human mind. And that is precisely the role that is played by soccer.

    The list of soccer’s benefits for human body goes on and on. But it’s for you to find out how this game will benefit you. I’m sure that once you start playing soccer, you will notice changes in your body and you will be able to figure out in a better way how this game is contributing to your health journey. I have seen many individuals adapting to a healthier lifestyle just because soccer gave them a head start. I hope this works out for you as well. If you’re interested in learning more about football, head to this page. Don’t forget to have fun!

    Jeff Nachmani
    Jeff Nachmani
    Jeff Nachmani is a football coach. He is obsessed with soccer and encourages outdoor games. He regularly posts at Soccergap.

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