9 Yoga asana that are helpful in diabetes

Yoga is gaining popularity all over the world as it has been found useful in various widespread medical conditions including obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Diabetes occur when body stops producing insulin or receptors stop responding to insulin. In the second case, however, exercise might have a positive effect where body starts responding to insulin. This would help in reduction of glucose levels in blood, hence improving the symptoms. Exercise also improves blood circulation in the body, especially in the limbs which are more predisposed to the problems. Some of the yoga exercises are particularly excellent in improving diabetes. These yoga exercises also help fight tension, both at the levels of mind and the body. Some exercises help in diabetes by either lowering blood pressure or reducing weight loss, both of which are known to worsen the diabetes.

Following are some of the yoga exercises that benefit diabetes patients.


1. Pranayam

It comprises of breathing in and breathing out that improves blood oxygenation and circulation. Pranayama also soothes the mind, giving it the rest it needs.

  • Sit on the yoga mat on the floor.
  • Sit in padamasana or cross legged
  • Straighten the back keeping the chin horizontal
  • Place the hands on knees, palm facing upwards
  • Close the eyes
  • Take a deep breath and hold for five seconds
  • Slowly exhale
  • Repeat ten times
  • Rub the palms together to make them warm and place them on the eyes
  • Open your eyes