6 Ways Pregnancy May Leave A Lasting Mark On Your Body

    Carrying a child is one of the most miraculous experiences, but pregnancy can also take a toll on a woman’s body in more ways than one. Some women become embarrassed about the marks that are left behind after pregnancy. With this guide, women will learn how they can get their pre-pregnancy figure back.

    6 Ways Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Body

    Most women know their bodies will change during pregnancy, but they may not realize the extent or the weird ways. Being aware of the possible changes will help women to prepare for pregnancy and embrace every mark this remarkable time has on their bodies. With a Mommy Makeover, women can feel more confident about their bodies.  The following are six ways pregnancy leaves a mark on a woman.

    1. Shoe Size

    Many women are surprised when their shoe size goes up during pregnancy. Weight gain and hormones are both to blame for an increased shoe size. The extra weight carried around during pregnancy causes the foot arch to flatten. Most women regain their previous shoe size after losing their pregnancy weight but not all.

    2. Weight Gain

    Weight gain is a problem most women face after having a baby. During pregnancy, a woman can gain up to twenty-five pounds or more. After pregnancy, it is common for many women to hold on to around eleven pounds of stubborn weight.

    3. Changes in breast size

    A woman’s breasts go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. Her breasts may expand greatly because of hormones. They may shrink later, leaving behind sagging and a lack of volume. Often, women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts after pregnancy.

    4. Stretch Marks

    While some women are fortunate enough to avoid stretch marks, most women find their bellies and breasts lined with marks during and after pregnancy. Unfortunately, while they do fade, stretch marks never completely go away without surgical intervention.

    5. Skin Changes

    Women will also experience changes in their skin. Some women develop a dark line that runs from their belly button to their pubic area. Women also develop dark marks on their faces. For most women, these clear up after pregnancy but not always.

    6. Abdominal Separation

    For some women, the abdominal muscles separate. This condition is called diastasis recti abdominis. For many women, this problem corrects itself over time, but some women end up needing surgery to bring the abdominal muscles back together.

    Some Women Seek Cosmetic Surgery

    Even with diet, exercise, and time, not all women’s bodies go back to their pre-pregnancy norms. For some women, seeking cosmetic surgery is the only way to correct some of the damages that were done by pregnancy.

    Many women feel self-conscious about the changes that have taken place with pregnancy. Women who have gone through more than one pregnancy are more likely to experience lasting problems. Seeking a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon will allow a woman to survey her options and make important decisions about making changes to her body.

    Learn More Today

    While many women successfully embrace the changes in their bodies and consider the marks badges of honor, not all women feel as comfortable in their skin as they once did before pregnancy. Thankfully, there are cosmetic procedures that can correct some of the marks left behind so a woman can regain her confidence and feel more beautiful after pregnancy.

    Scheduling a consultation appointment will allow a woman to learn about her options. There are invasive and non-invasive procedures available to help a woman regain her confidence after pregnancy.

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