23 excellent home remedies to treat an upset stomach

Suffering from indigestion or bloating? Try these home remedies for quick relief

Upset Stomach

Upset stomach, also called as indigestion in common tongue, badhazmi (बदहजमी) in Hindi, or dyspepsia by the doctors, can be a frustrating problem. It’s particularly problematic if you’re required go to work, school or have to travel. We’ve all faced the problem at one time or the other, and are likely to face it again.

Most common symptoms of an upset stomach are stomach ache, bloating, gas, heartburn/acidity, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and dehydration. Stomach upset is basically the result of food poisoning, most often after consuming contaminated street food. It’s not possible to entirely avoid the street, either because of their great taste or because of necessity in some situations. Thus, it’s important to know what to do if you are troubled. So, here are a few tips that we’ve complied to relieve you from the noose of an upset stomach.

Home remedies to treat upset stomach


1. Caraway Seeds or Fennel Seeds

Caraway seed also known as Meridian Fennel and fennel seeds, also known as Saunf (सौंफ) in India are both similar in action and helps against indigestion and bloating. These seeds are probably the easiest method to get rid of an upset stomach. You can either chew the seeds directly, or you can prepare a tea from the seeds as is a common practice in the Middle Eastern countries. Simply add 1 teaspoon of the seeds in a cup of boiled water. Cover the top of the cup and let it remain for ten minutes. Afterwards, strain the solution well and drink before eating. You may take this tea 3-4 times a day.