23 excellent home remedies to treat an upset stomach

Suffering from indigestion or bloating? Try these home remedies for quick relief

Upset Stomach

Upset stomach, also called as indigestion in common tongue, badhazmi (बदहजमी) in Hindi, or dyspepsia by the doctors, can be a frustrating problem. It’s particularly problematic if you’re required go to work, school or have to travel. We’ve all faced the problem at one time or the other, and are likely to face it again.

Most common symptoms of an upset stomach are stomach ache, bloating, gas, heartburn/acidity, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and dehydration. Stomach upset is basically the result of food poisoning, most often after consuming contaminated street food. It’s not possible to entirely avoid the street, either because of their great taste or because of necessity in some situations. Thus, it’s important to know what to do if you are troubled. So, here are a few tips that we’ve complied to relieve you from the noose of an upset stomach.

Home remedies to treat upset stomach

1Caraway Seeds or Fennel Seeds

Saunf aka Fennel Seed or Aniseed



3Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds, also known as jeera (जीरा) in India, have anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing abdominal tenderness and quickens healing. You may chew the seeds directly, add them to soup, or boil in water and drink after cooling.


Ginger aka Adrak


Mint also known as pudina (पुदीना) in India, whether peppermint or spearmint, is another wonderful home remedy for treating an upset stomach. It helps in improving GIT movements and helps with cramps as well. There are several ways to consume mint. Its leaves can be chewed directly, as paste or sauce, or in the form of tea. To prepare the mint tea add 1 teaspoon of dried mint in a cup of boiling water. Cover the cup for 10 minutes. Mix the solution and drink afterwards. It’s beneficial to take mint tea empty stomach 3-4 times a day.

Mint can be used in combination with curd for twice-effective remedy as curd is helpful with indigestion.

6Baking Soda

Baking soda acts as a great pH buffer or antacid. You can make a baking soda antacid preparation at home by yourself. Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda in half a glass of water. Drink the solution for quick relief. However, be cautioned if you’re hypertensive and on sodium-restricted diet. Since baking soda is made up of sodium bicarbonate, it is not advisable in hypertension.

7Yoghurt or curd

8Dietary fiber rich foods

Dietary fibers are great for the gut and helps in improving the digestive system. Adding them to your diet will take care of stomach ache as well. Studies have proved that when people took fiber-rich diet at the first sign of abdominal ache recovered quickly without proceeding to a full-fledged stomach upset. Make sure that if you’re not eating much fiber before, you have to start slowly. Starting with a fruit is a good method. You can take an apple (without peeling) for starters.





11Soda pop

Soda pop is quite helpful in settling stomach, especially after you have eaten too much. The carbonated soda makes you burp which relieves the tension in the overwhelmed stomach. Ginger ale or lemon drinks are particularly helpful as they have the added advantage of ginger or lime.

12Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices


Antacids helps in neutralizing acids in gut. This will reduce the burning sensation you might have, thus soothe the stomach. However, be careful when using antacids as they might proliferate the condition; magnesium based antacids can cause diarrhoea, while calcium and aluminium based antacids can cause constipation. Prefer tablets over liquid antacids as the actual dosage would be lesser in tablets, so lesser side-effects.

14Hot water bottle

Heat tends to improve blood circulation. Heat some water and pour it into your hot water bottle. Make sure the temperature is comfortable; not too hot, not too cold. Place the bottle on your tummy to soothe your stomach after you’ve eaten. This improves blood circulation, thereby aids in digestion.


Lemon contains acid known as citric acid. The acidic properties help in fighting the harmful bacteria, thus making it a great remedy for treating food poisoning. Lime juice can be taken several times a day for speedy recovery. Lemon can also be taken as lemon tea.

16Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is known to provide relief in an upset stomach. It delivers quick energy to the body that has been weakened by the food poisoning.

17Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

18Pomegranate fruit skin

Pomegranate fruit’s rind and also pomegranate tree bark have been used for ages in curing diarrhoea.


Basil, commonly known as tulsi (तुलसी)in India, helps in treating infections of both the throat and stomach. Extract few basil leaves juice and mix them in a tablespoon of honey. The results are quick.




Drinking Water

22Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

23Activated Charcoal

It absorbs the toxic gases and toxins which are harmful to the stomach.