What You Need To Know before Getting Braces

    Getting braces can be intimidating, but it’s necessary for oral health. While it may affect your self-esteem, you need to remember that after the treatment is done, the result will be rewarding and you’ll realize you’ve stressed out for nothing. Therefore, before you become desperate about putting the braces on, be sure to know all the facts and get to know how the entire process works.

    There Is No Age Limit for the Treatment

    Teenagers get braces more than people in other age groups do, simply because this is the time when majority notices their teeth are crooked. However, there is no age limit for the treatment, and people of all ages wear braces. Some of them couldn’t afford it when they were younger, or they didn’t have regular check-ups before, so they had to wear them in their 30s or 40s. Furthermore, it’s important to mention that you must have reasonably strong gums and teeth in order to wear braces. This is why you should consider wearing them as early as possible, since the gums and teeth tend to become weaker as the time goes by.

    It will be Painful

    While the result is going to be rewarding, the path to straight teeth won’t be a walk in the park. Getting used to braces will be somewhat painful, since you’ll have to get used to pressure against your teeth alongside new sensations. This will cause soreness, sometimes in your gums and lips, aching and discomfort. However, a couple of weeks after you’ve put on braces, the soreness will start to subside. If the pain becomes unbearable, the orthodontist will prescribe you medicine, so you can feel at ease. Salt water solution can also help you alleviate the pressure if you rinse your mouth with it. Chewing and speaking won’t be easy in the beginning, but after a few months, you won’t even notice you have braces on.

    Cost and Treatment Times Vary

    Braces can be a costly treatment, but they do come with certain payment plans that help patients meet the expenses, since they are an essential treatment for the oral health. However, the costs vary from $3000 to $6000, depending on the age of the patient, the condition of the teeth, location, and clinic. What’s more, the invisible braces will be much expensive than the metal one. Still, be sure to consult with the orthodontist on which braces is best for you, regardless of the price.

    There Are Various Types of Braces

    You should also know that there are myriad of different braces. Metal braces are the most noticeable type, while ceramic are clear or tooth coloured. Even though they are less conspicuous, tooth coloured braces will stain easily and you’ll have to take care of them much more than of regular one. You could also have lingual braces that are attached to the inside of the teeth. While they’re less visible, it won’t be easy to take care of them. What’s more, the tongue will need some time to adjust to these braces, so don’t be surprised if you experience trouble with pronunciation at first couple of weeks. Invisalign is the revolutionary clear alternative to braces. Thanks to a series of clear, invisible, custom-made aligners, your teeth will be moved gradually into alignment. You are supposed to wear one aligner for two weeks and then move on to the next. By replacing aligners every two weeks, the teeth will slightly move each week until they’re straight. Since they’re removable, unlike other braces, you’ll be able to eat, drink and floss with no trouble.

    Wearing braces can be daunting, but it’s essential for everyone who has crooked teeth. Remember that the ultimate goal will provide you with a gorgeous smile and healthy teeth, so don’t hesitate to call your orthodontist and schedule your appointment.

    Diana Smith
    Diana Smith
    Diana smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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