Pro Tips for Improving Muscles Mass Effortlessly

    One of the first things most health and fitness experts suggest is to start by exercising your mind if your goal is to build precious muscles mass. That’s because it takes time, patience and dedication to build muscles. If you can’t follow through dedicated muscles building regime, you certainly won’t see the results you expect. Preparing your mind is the first step and the most important one. If you have got this right, you will achieve your muscles building goals, no matter what.

    Scores of people each year join health clubs to build muscles mass. We all know that strength training is most important for building muscles mass. But some tend to build muscles mass more effortlessly than other. This is where expert advice comes into picture. Knowing the right way to build muscles mass will help you score excellent body in the least amount of time and help you realize your goals quickest.

    Key workouts for building muscles

    For the high-quality results, three exercises are key – deadlift, squat and bench press. All of these workouts are considered staples within the bodybuilding community because they deliver effective results. They help you achieve three bodybuilding goals – build strength, grow muscles, and maintain good health. 

    Creatine supplement

    My first advice – start taking creatine supplements. It’s rare that you will find a professional body builder who doesn’t take creatine supplement. It’s not that you won’t build muscles mass if you don’t take creatine. But the time it will take for you to build muscles mass is just not worth it. Creatine supplement will maximize your muscles growth efforts many folds and help you reach your goals much faster. If you are working out hard but still somehow not able to build muscles mass, this is something you should definitely include in your workout regime.

    Minimize time spent on cardio workouts

    You will never see an athlete with good muscles mass. You will find them in average health. That’s because extensive cardio workouts interrupts your efforts to bulk up your muscle tissue. Strength training is the way to go. If you are sincerely aiming for gaining muscle mass, you must spend more time doing strength training than cardio.

    Pick your weight wisely

    If the weight you are using for strength training is not sufficiently challenging your body, you will not build muscles mass. The weight you choose should be such that after performing your last rep, you should be left with no more energy to perform any more rep. But you should also be careful that the weight you choose should be such that you are able to complete at least six to twelve reps. This kind of workout will help you build muscles mass.

    Get adequate amount of protein

    Proteins are essential building blocks of your muscles. No matter how hard you try, but if you don’t have enough of these amino acids that work as essential building blocks, your body will simply fail to build additional muscles mass. Just to maintain your existing muscles mass, your body daily needs one gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. That means if you weigh 190 pounds, you need 190 grams of protein every day just to maintain your existing muscles mass. But you will need to consume more protein than this if want more muscles than what you already have. One more thing, you will have to be consistent with the amount of protein you consume every day.

    You should reach fatigue point

    Push all your workouts to near muscles failure. Whatever strength training workout out you choose, each repetition should push you to a point where your muscles can not perform even one more set because of fatigue.

    Prevent burnout

    You should keep changing your workout from time to time to avoid burnout. If you are performing same exercise day-in and day-out for more than 8 consecutive weeks, you are more likely to hit burnout. At this stage not only the regime won’t be interesting anymore, your muscles growth will also halt.

    Eat enough

    The first step to cut down weight is to cut down calorie intake. You need to follow just opposite of this when you are building muscles mass. You need to consume enough calories to support your muscles building effort. When your body is deprived of calories, it will be near impossible to build more muscles mass. On the contrary, you may even lose it. Your ideal meal should consist of high protein, low fat and refined carbohydrate (yes, processed carbohydrates).

    Take away

    Many people build muscles mass faster than others. In few cases it is genetics, but in majority of cases, it is the technique that is followed. If you are seriously considering building muscles mass, take into consideration all the points discussed above for faster bodybuilding.

    Tanisha Shah
    Tanisha Shah
    Tanisha Shah is a content evangelist at Fityouwow! She loves reading and writing about various topics around health, fitness and nutrition. She is also an expert when it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, health, beauty and nutrition.

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