What can Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment do for you

    Panchakarma is the fundamental mind-body healing and purifying experience for detoxifying the body, fortifying the immune system of the body, as well as maintaining a sense of overall well-being. It is 5000 years old and is considered to be the most radical method of cleansing the body, thereby eliminating all the disease-causing toxins. ‘Pancha’ in Sanskrit translates to Five and ‘Karma’ stands for therapeutic measures. Thus, ‘Panchakarma’ translates to 5 types of therapeutic measures. The five processes are called Vaman (therapeutic emesis), Kashaya Vasti (therapeutic decoction and administration of medicines through the rectum), Sneha Vasti (medicated oil enema), Virechana (therapeutic purgation) and Nasya (therapeutic nasal administration).

    How does it work?

    Panchakarma is a preventive and healing therapy. It helps detoxify the body from multiple toxins and harmful substances. The waste matter is known as ‘ama’ in a science of Ayurveda. It is the build-up of toxins and impurities in the body. Our body has a wonderful mechanism that can efficiently process and remove the wastes from our system. But, nowadays, terrible diets, poor patterns of workouts, and other metabolic co-factors can lead to the pile-up of toxins and lead to the occurrence of degenerative diseases that can plague your immune system.

    ‘Ama’ is a foul smelling and disease-causing substance that needs to be emptied from the body for it to function efficiently and properly. Panchakarma helps to remove the ‘ama’ and helps to balance the ‘doshas’. This technique is practiced in the purest form by using conventional Ayurveda herbal oils and other medicinal herbs. The detoxification process includes three main stages-

    • Purvakarma- It includes initial actions before the detoxification process such as abhyanga, pre-oleation, and dietary adjustments. It helps oleate and softens the toxins, so the toxins can be easily removed and hence, increasing ‘agni’ or body metabolic fire. After this, the whole body is oleated with ghee or medicated oil.
    • Panchakarma- It includes primary detoxifying actions, such as basti, virechan, vaman, rakta moksha and naysa.
    • Rasayan- It includes rejuvenating and restorative measures such as lifestyle choices, supplements, and diet following the detoxification process.

    Benefits of Panchakarma

    From insomnia to jet lag, almost every problem can be treated by the Panchakarma rejuvenation treatment. There are numerous benefits of this beautiful detoxifying technique:

    Reducing skin problems


    If you are looking to gain a clear and glowing complexion, this is the technique to adapt. Excessive toxins in the body can cause rashes, pimples, and spots. Bad eating habits too can take a toll on our skin. As Panchakarma takes care of underlying issues, it helps you get a shining, flawless skin. It also helps promote new hair growth and prevents premature graying.

    Improving recurring headaches

    What can Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment do for you 1

    In Panchakarma therapy, herbal steam is given to balance the mind and senses, boost brain activities and clearing excess mucus. As the nose is the opening to the brain and consciousness, so excess body humors found in the head, throat, nose and sinus is removed in this therapy.

    Weight loss


    Kashaya Vasti works by eliminating melted fat out of the body, thus reducing your weight.


    Paralysis is caused by the influence of Shira vessels of the head region or Dhamni or Vata Dosha that damages the body’s functions. Basti is considered to be the perfect cure for Paralysis, where oil is injected through the anus, which helps remove Vata toxins from the body. During Snehana, oil massage is given to a person which helps in relaxing the muscles of the affected regions.

    Improving vision

    Medication given through the nasal cavity in Nasyam helps improve your eye vision. In Netra Dhara, the herbal decoction is poured for about 15 minutes, giving you cooling and refreshing eyes. The Netra Basti process works by keeping wheat flour doughnuts above the eyes and filling them with hot ghee, which helps in relaxing the eye strain.

    Increasing your lifespan

    Removing toxins from your body will help you attain longevity, intellect and keep you free from all disease-causing ailments.

    Improving the natural state of health

    Panchakarma takes into account the whole person, including spirit, body, and mind. Panchakarma will help you maintain a natural state of health, wellness as well as balance the system that improves bodily functions.

    Restore Doshas

    It helps restore balance to the three doshas – kapha, pitta, and vata, which is essential if you want to lead a truly healthy life. Your mind will calm down and your concentration will improve threefold.

    Say bye to allergies

    Many people experience difficulty consuming foods such as dairy or wheat products. In these cases, food is not an issue, but imbalanced digestion is. Consumed food can sit in the digestive tract too long when Agni is weak or slow. Panchakarma is an effective natural Ayurvedic cure for such food allergies.

    Panchakarma is the best gift you deserve to give yourself! However, it is really important that you don’t perform Panchakarma at home as it should only be performed by the qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. At Ayurveda Clinics, they provide the best treatment of Panchakarma Treatment.

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