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5 Ways To Be A Better Communicator

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Using effective communication skills within the workplace is fundamental, as this will enhance your skills within any industry. Having the skills to communicate clearly with your boss, fellow employees, clients and other businesses is rated as one of the most desired techniques to have in any organisation. Here are 5 quick tips on how to start doing this:

Do your research

If you do some research on your topic or even the venue you are speaking at, you will look and sound like a professional. You can even get trained further on certain topics if you need to, but taking a simple course or attending a workshop. There are communication specific courses available, such as Prince2 Training you can try.  If you are not organised, a lot of pressure will build up and you feel and look uncomfortable which will create a negative atmosphere. If you know your stuff, you will look smart, positive and professional and most importantly, people will listen to you and will look up to you as a role model.

Speak with clarity and influence

This can sound difficult but the most successful speakers out there always sound confident. If you sound confident by using your clarity and influence, the audience will sound more comfortable and will listen to you. Target who your type of audience is, identify what is your main topic, explain what your main purpose is and how you can deliver this in a way how you would like to hear it. Planning is key is you wish to influence your audience, so use these techniques and deliver your message with confidence.

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Promote your common vision

As you try to influence your audience, try and use a mind-set that everyone shares. Once you have done your research (in stage 1) you will be able to know your audience and use their technical language to get them on your side. Make your audience feel that they are part of that plan or future that you are demonstrating and enable open communication with them.


It sounds pretty simple but some people still forget to listen to their audience. This skill is fundamental when speaking as this will give you the confidence to know what the audience wants and effectively communicate back to them with a clear and effective answer. To be an effective speaker, you will need to know how to listen and respond for any situation.

Use body language

How you project your image affects your confidence and the effectiveness of your communication as a whole. Use a strong posture and stance and simple hand gestures to effectively influence an audience. When people are asking you a question, look at them and look positive as the person will feel comfortable when speaking to you.

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Bethany Pembrook is a freelance writer for a number of online publications. She works chiefly within the health, beauty and business sectors as both a researcher and content producer. In her free time, she is an avid runner and cyclist, but she also loves settling down with a good book!


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