5 Reasons Why This Generation Will Have The Worst Posture Ever

As Foreseen By A Chiropractor

The current generation have grown in the age of “IOT” or the “internet of things”, where instead of going to the library and picking books, they only sit down and type on browsers to get the answers of their questions. Not only that this generation uses mobile devices for research, what’s worst is, they are also using it for recreation.

Ironic as it is, these mobility and access to the world have made the current generation’s lifestyle immobile- by giving them the chance to connect to the world by staying at home and slacking on their couch. Needless to say, as this lifestyle develops, the next generation of workforce is feared to have the worst posture ever in the entire history.

It is the goal of a Chiropractor to educate the younger generation the negative effects of their bad  posture habits and its main culprit. Unless they are made aware, it is feared that they will have the worst posture ever.

Here are a few reasons why this could happen.

Negligence on Thinking About Posture


Depressed Girl

Not being mindful about their posture is the worst culprit of bad posture. The lack of education on how to properly hold and look at mobile devices when sitting or standing is the main reason why this generation or the next is likely to suffer having hunchbacks by the time they reach their 20’s.

A study had been done to know what happens to the spine when someone doesn’t look at phones with the right posture. The incorrect way of looking at the phone actually gives the spine a lot of pressure and unnecessary weight.

If unaddressed, this could lead to worse cases like Kyphosis, or the excessive curvature of the spine, which can make one look like Fritz, Dr Frankenstein’s assistance.

Lack of interest on physical recreational activities


The trend of online and offline mobile game is also one of the reasons why this generation lacks the interest to go out and have physical recreational activities. Playing outdoors and going to amusement park happen so rarely nowadays. Some games even hinder mobility when playing, especially those which seem to trick eyes and test agility of hands.

This kind of games will make your kids look at their tablet or mobile phone improperly just to be able to beat their high scores. Most of the games nowadays, would want one to continually look at devices in order to win- these are very dangerous to your posture.

The value of gaming even lead to international competitions, all the more encouraging young gamers to spend more sleepless nights to master and lead their games.

Too Busy to Even Care


There are certain angles needed to achieve perfect body alignment that one can practice even when one is busy working or playing on their mobile devices. The lack of caring to know it or the laziness to keep proper posture could be one of the reasons why this happens even when information is just at the tip of their fingertips.

Addiction To Social Media and Other Online Connecting Platforms


Social and Health Hazards of Excessive Smartphones & Tablets use

Addiction to social media is also a bad trait that can have a negative effect to the lifestyle of this generation.

Unlike gaming, scanning social media sites and blogs doesn’t need too much attention and concentration- because skimming through social media won’t really need active involvement of body parts needed for mobility such as the fingers or the hands.

But still, as the previous reason says, the lack of interest or carelessness can cause people to not bother having the right posture even when their just tweeting or Facebooking.

Improper Diet

Junk Food

Low calcium intake and unhealthy eating habits affects the human bones greatly. Some may consider this as trifles in the present, until they realize it is too late to do this when they are already old.

As the body age, the chances of having bone loss is greater, and the rate of recovery is way too slow than the rate it degenerates. There is a need to change one’s eating habits to suffice the daily calcium needs of one’s body.

Aside from having the worst posture, this new breed of millennials are also at risk of health diseases that can arise from this. Kyphosis and Osteoporosis are only a few of the most obvious results of having improper posture and body alignment. Unless this generation changes it’s lifestyle, they will have the worst posture ever, as foreseen by a Chiropractor.