8 myths about acne that you should get out of your head

Acne is quite a common problem all around the world, particularly a grave issue both cosmetically and mentally among the teenagers. As the spread of acne is worldwide, widespread are the myths related to them.

Almost everyone knows about acne—hundreds of facts for that matter—and, unfortunately, majority of those facts aren’t facts but myths. These myths not only lead an individual to follow a practice with no results, but even those that might lead them to negative impact on overall health.

Here are some of such myths which you should know about:

Acne occurs only in Teenagers

Although it’s true that acne is associated with pubertal maturity, and seems severe and more common amongst the teenagers, it occurs in adults too. Both the appearance and incidence are different in adults than the younger individuals. However, adults do get acne even in 50s.

Eating chocolate and oily food proliferates acne

Contrary to the popular belief that greasy foods and chocolates cause acne, no study till date has shown significant association between them and acne. So it’s safe to have them as far as acne is considered, though you still might want to avoid their excess for other effects they have on fitness.

Poor face hygiene leads to acne

I’m sure at one time or another, you’d have been advised by someone to wash your face frequently, keep the dirt off your face to avoid acne. Nevertheless, dirt has nothing to do with acne. Wash your face as you normally would. Too much soap and water on your skin is going to have opposite effect. The skin would get dry and irritated, and the acne would go worse. Wash/cleanse your face only enough to remove the excess oil and dead cells, not more.

Stress and acne go hand in hand

Theoretically, stress may lead to hormonal upset, thus, aggravating acne. Even so, no studies till date have been successful in demonstrating a significant association between the two. In fact, looking at the amount of stress that current lifestyle imposes on each of us we’d all be brimming with pimples all over.

No moisturizer/sunscreen when you have acne

It’s true that some moisturizing preparations might not be suitable for use during acne episodes, not all of them need to be avoided. Choose the ones which wouldn’t block the skin pores. In truth using moisturizer on a normal skin would lower the chances of getting acne, since skin wouldn’t have to secrete excess oil to deal with the dry skin.

As far as sunscreens are concerned if you’re prone to acne you must use physical sunscreens like zinc oxide instead of chemical sunscreens. Saying a strict ‘No’ isn’t required.

Tanning helps in clearing up acne

No, it doesn’t. After a good tan you might feel that the acne is reduced, but the reality is that tanning only hides the redness from the acne, masking them behind the tan. In a long run it’s going to have opposite effect, since tanning dries up the skin. Drier the skin, more oil it secretes.

Drinking soda, tea or coffee flares up the acne

There is no significant data to relate them with acne. Although the milk in coffee and tea might have some effect because of hormones or bacteria present in them, the clinical data is still not enough to condemn milk for relieving acne against all the positive health effects it has.

Wear no makeup during an acne breakout

Again like moisturizer or sunscreens not all make up is suitable for skin during acne, and not all makeup products are harmful. Makeups which block the pores should be avoided like thick liquid foundations, while lighter makeup that doesn’t block the pores can be worn.

Acne is a temporary cosmetic problem

Well, more than it affects your skin it affects your mind and your mental composure. Some youngsters with acne problem might even undergo depression, leaving great impact on their life. Also, when acne isn’t treated appropriately it may lead to long-lasting scarring.

There is no medical treatment for acne

A popular belief is that there is no real medical treatment for acne and by leaving them alone they’d go away. That’s not true. There are many medical treatment options available and a dermatologist can suggest the appropriate treatment for you.

Acne goes away by scrubbing/picking it

Many people pick their pimples and pop it out of their skin, thinking they’re get rid of it by doing do. On the contrary, it is the worst thing to do. Not only the pimple is going to come back, but you’d end up with a scarred skin. If you really need the pimple to go away before your date night, contact your dermatologist for an injection to get rid of it.