5 Important tests for Type II Diabetes

    Over 400 million people worldwide being afflicted with diabetes is a measure of how deep-rooted the disorder is among our population. An estimated 90% of these cases belong to the Type II Diabetes category which is also known as insulin resistance. Mostly caused due to excessive body weight and a highly sedentary lifestyle, Type II diabetes is also called adult-onset diabetes.

    What exactly is Type II diabetes?

    In simpler terms, in Type II diabetes, the body is unable to utilize insulin adequately or properly. This results in the body producing even more insulin. But, over time, these levels fall down considerably, resulting in other detrimental health effects. The resulting under-regulated blood sugar leads to damage to various body parts such as the eyes, nerves, kidneys, etc. while also increasing the risk of stroke and heart issues. Most notable effect that diabetes has one’s health is that it doubles the risk of premature death. This is why diabetes is termed as a slow and silent killer.

    What are its symptoms?

    • Frequent urination
    • Intense hunger and thirst
    • Fatigue
    • Unusual weight gain or loss
    • Male sexual dysfunction
    • Tingling and numbness in hands and feet
    • Loss of wound or bruise healing power

    Diagnosing Type II Diabetes via blood tests

    With the word epidemic being floated around when it comes to Type II diabetes, it is important to be sure that one does not have this disease. The good thing is that Type II diabetes can be controlled significantly through medication and other practices – but for that, early diagnosis is important. Also, if you already have Type II diabetes, then knowing the important tests to regularly monitor blood sugar is a must.

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    In order to do that, five important blood tests can be performed for an accurate deduction. The good news is that anyone can perform blood tests at home as portable, easy-to-use equipment for same is as readily available in the market as a clinical thermometer. If you have observed any Type II Diabetes symptoms, then you can get the following blood tests done:

    1. Oral glucose-tolerance test

    Pregnant women are recommended this test in which blood is first drawn once, followed by drinking of a glucose syrup-like solution. Thereafter, blood is drawn and tested at intervals of 30 to 60 minutes to for up to three hours to determine blood sugar. The result can vary depending upon quantity of glucose in the solution.

    2. Fasting blood sugar test

    In this test, blood is drawn early in the morning on en empty stomach after one has fasted the previous night. Normal result for this test is usually 70-99 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) or less than 5.5 mmol/L.

    3. Random blood sugar test

    As the name suggests, this test is performed randomly irrespective of when you had your last meal. The normal result is expected to lie between 70-125 mg/dL (less than 7.0 mmol/L).

    4. Two-hour postprandial test

    In this test, blood is drawn and tested two hours after a meal, with the normal result being 70-145 mg/dL (less than 7.9 mmol/L).

    5. Hemoglobin A1C test

    This is a sophisticated test that determines the level of blood sugar in recent months by measuring the amount of sugar stuck to red blood cells over their lifespan of three months. 4% to 6% is the normal result, but for diabetics, it is usually 7% or less.

    Since many factors apart from diabetes have an effect on blood sugar, the results of all these tests over multiple cycles is needed to be done in order to diagnose Type II Diabetes. As mentioned earlier, these blood tests can be easily performed at home with the aid of diabetology equipment such as portable blood glucose monitors, test strips, and lancets. These devices prick the finger tip for blood which is transferred to a testing strip and fed into the monitor which displays an accurate blood sugar measurement within seconds!

    If you are looking to buy the best-in-quality diabetology equipment for yourself, then shopping online from well-known medical supply sites such as Smart Medical Buyer is highly recommended. They have industry-recommended diabetes blood test equipment such as One Touch Select Test Strips and Monitors which can be easily purchased and delivered conveniently to your home.

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