Vasectomy Reversal Versus ICSI in Bangalore

    Vasectomy is a medical procedure in which the tube or Vas Deferens, leading from the epididymis to the penis is surgically cut, halting the transfer of sperms to the semen. This is an effective permanent birth control method. The semen and sexual performance remain unaffected with this procedure, which is also a minimally invasive one, making it a good birth control option. In India, Bangalore is a leading hub for medical tourism, especially for vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. The latter is the procedure of reattaching the vas deferens so that the individual can plan a family. However, it is important to remember that you don’t need to reverse the procedure to plan a family. Bangalore also offers options for ICSI, which is an assisted reproductive technique that can lead to pregnancy.

    Vasectomy Reversal – An Overview

    The male reproductive tract or vas deferens is reconnected so that sperms are once again able to populate the semen and the male is successfully able to make their female partner pregnant. With success rates ranging from 40% to 90%, vasectomy reversal is successful, taking into account some important factors like time since vasectomy, the surgeon’s experience and the partner’s age.

    Disadvantages of Vasectomy Reversal

    The procedure is quite expensive, giving different results when performed by different urologists. During the procedure, there may be a chance of insufficient vas deferens to be reconnected, since a majority of it was removed during the initial procedure, with additional chances of the closing and blocking of the vas deferens within 1-2 months of the reversal procedure. Sometimes, the quality of sperms is compromised in terms of motility, numbers and morphology. This means that the couple will need to rely on assisted reproductive treatments to get pregnant. It has been found that even after vasectomy, the testicles produce sperm. But when they are not allowed to release this production, there is a buildup of pressure in the testicles, damaging the seminiferouss tubules or the cells that produce sperm.
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    Why ICSI is an Effective Substitute

    Whether there is low quality sperm in the semen or an absence of sperm, there are some excellent clinics that offer Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI procedures in Bangalore, which entails the collecting of sperms directly from the testicles and using them to fertilize the female partner’s ova under laboratory conditions. This effectively renders the process for vasectomy reversal unnecessary. ICSI has proven to have a good success rate and can even work with lower quality sperm.

    According to leading specialists in Bangalore, ICSI is a good alternate to vasectomy reversal, given the expense and chances of failure of the latter procedure.

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