What Causes Sleep Apnoea?

    Sleep apnoea is a condition in which a person loses his breath for some time during sleep due to an obstruction in the airway. Even though some studies indicate that 10-25% of the people suffer from sleep apnoea, this does not show an accurate picture as many cases are just reported as snoring while they could indicate towards a more serious condition known as sleep apnoea.  In sleep apnoea, the breathing can stop for a few seconds and may extend beyond a minute as well. This is why it should be taken seriously. However, to understand that, it is important to know the cause of sleep apnoea. But before that, let’s find out the two main types of sleep apnoea.

    Types of Sleep Apnoea

    There are two main types of Sleep Apnoea

    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

    This is the most common form of sleep apnoea in which the airway is blocked due to restriction created by the tissue of the throat muscles. This could be due to weak tissue muscles or when the muscles relax a bit too much.

    Central Sleep Apnoea

    This is not so common but quite dangerous. In this type of sleep apnoea, the brain fails to send the signal to throat muscles to breathe.

    Detection of Sleep Apnoea

    Some specific symptoms can tell you that you are suffering from Sleep Apnoea

    • If early in the morning, you are irritated or restless without any reason. Then, it can be a sign of sleep apnoea.
    • If you suffer from acute headaches after opening your eyes in the morning, then sleep apnoea can be the cause behind it.
    • If you are anxious more than enough, then it is time to consult the doctor regarding the sleep apnoea.
    • If your partner complains that your breathing stops for a few seconds at regular intervals during sleep, it may be an alarming sign that you suffer from sleep apnoea.

    Main Reasons behind Sleep Apnoea

    Our disturbed lifestyle is the cause of many unwanted diseases. Sleep apnoea can be counted in the list as well. Some of the main reasons for the increment in this disease are-


    It is one thing that welcomes various kinds of diseases in our body. To avoid sleep apnoea, you must look after your diet. If there is extra fat on your body, then try to reduce it and start eating healthy food.

    Smoking or Drinking

    Smoking or drinking affects the lungs, which in turn affects the breathing system that may result in sleep apnoea. Hence, you have to keep your lungs healthy, and for that, you must quit smoking or drinking.

    Irregular sleep cycle

    Many deadly diseases can be cured with proper sleep. Our body needs rest to work efficiently. Therefore, make sure that you are listening to the demands of your body regarding sleep, properly.

    So, these were some causes of sleep apnoea. If taken proper care, you can cure any disease. So, start leading a healthy life by keeping in mind these points. Find the cause of sleep apnea that has been affecting you and tackle it to get rid of the problem.

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