10 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift – Easy and Convenient

    If you want to enhance the resale value of your kitchen, by giving it a complete makeover, then you can call in the professional kitchen designers, or else, you can also customize the designs according to the space and the budget that you have. Right from the wall color, to arranging for the light fixtures and the cabinets, kitchen renovation and makeover can be a very easy task, where you just need to utilize space optimization.

    10 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift are:

    1. Make the most of what is there – The key to revamping and renovating is not to completely change they cabinets, the countertops, the window paneling but to renovate the existing cabinetry and the splash backs .Every item that needs to be completely replaced has to be noted and again each item that can be resurfaced has to be taken note of. In order to achieve maximum results, budget calculations and adherence to the same is a must.
    2. Cabinetry plays a very important role in every kitchen. Until and unless you plan to completely change the cabinetry, you should ascertain how much of the existing ones can be resurfaced. There are numerous ways to get it modernized and changed. Firstly, you can choose the option of spray painting. The existing surfaces need to be scrapped off and spray painted. If you cabinetry has lamination, you can always change the laminates and opt for a different color this time. It would not cost much and the whole look of the kitchen will be changed.
    3. Some things can be thrown away and changed. You can install new drawer handles, new doors, change the look of your chimney, you can mix and match the ones that you are getting new with the color of the ones that you are spray painting. The color that you choose for the kitchen door knobs and the handles must match to the entire kitchen décor. If you are using art deco handles, or the traditional bronze ones, then they should blend well with dark colors, and not with lighter shades.
    4. Appliance manufacturing has reached a new scale by creation and availability of great looking kitchen furniture for very less costs. Stainless finish kitchen items come at reasonable prices too. You just have to look around for them in order to land up great deals on the same.
    5. Sinks can be changed. Kitchen revamping needs smart decisions to be made, under mount sinks are preferred by many for this purpose. Double sinks and single sinks are also available to suit each person’s budgetary needs. Simple kitchens can use the drop in sinks as there is more space and the installation costs less.
    6. Faucets and kitchen handles too can be changed to get in a fresh look.
    7. The importance of lighting in any part of the house can’t be over emphasized. The same is the case with the kitchen. Opt for ambient lighting. One kind to suit your varied moods, one for dinner, etc. Warm glow lights are also preferred by many. Choose one that will lift your mood and set the tone for your cooking!
    8. Countertops can be changed with simple quartz or granite to usher in a new look. If you want a more costly framework, then you can opt for the marble countertops.
    9. Try to complement everything in the kitchen. Too many colors and textures lend a look of chaos. Hence, plan everything accordingly.
    10. Simple up gradation and usage of custom built framing can make sure you fit in new appliances and smart gadgetry in your kitchen from time to time.

    Apart from all these ideas to give kitchen a facelift, it is also important to give your own special touch to the kitchen, so that the whole work of kitchen renovation becomes easier.

    Mack Aurther
    Mack Aurther
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