Must-Know Healthcare Tips for Super Busy Women 

    There is a cult of being busy that is popular for a while already. Whether you are an ambitious single lady, a mom maestro of the day, a pet mom, or really anything you describe yourself as you are a person that tends to pack your schedule. And whereas that might look cool if looked at from the side, being the busy bee is far from easy or natural. The packed schedule can lead to poor consequences on your overall health and wellbeing, so here are some essential tips to help you stay on top of your game.

    Sleep schedule

    The part of your busy day that suffers the most is sleeping time according to extensive studies on workers who work long hours. Therefore, the priority has to be put on getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to anxiety, depression, comorbid disorders like high BMI and diabetes, etc. If you have difficulties falling asleep in the evening you might need an evening routine that will in time connect your body to going to sleep.

    Start your day with ease

    Falling asleep easily and sleeping enough have an immediate effect on your morning. Start your day without running around and opt for a slower, more pleasant morning. Drink some water, meditate for 10 minutes and then journal, read, and give yourself time to feel present and ready for your busy schedule. It is also a good idea to stretch or walk for a bit to get digestion started and help blood circulate efficiently. 

    Exercising for busy people

    A sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead has been proven to affect our health in the long run. Some of these consequences include reduced insulin sensitivity and vascular function, atrophy of muscles, skeletal deformities, etc. To prevent these and many other issues, it is a priority to get any kind of workout daily. It can be a stroll to or from work, a HIIT workout that lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, or an hour or longer aerobic exercise of your choice. 

    Health check-ups

    When preparing a schedule for your upcoming week or month, put in the things you have to do, meetings you must attend, activities that require your presence, and the oh, so needed rest on the weekends. If you have children, then every moment that you get to spend with them is what you cherish and work hard for. There is this one thing you definitely must do for yourself is to stay healthy to enjoy your success. Don’t forget to go to the general practitioner for regular checkups and lab work, and to the gynecologist to do a pelvic exam, breast exam, an ultrasound and pap test. 

    Dental appointments

    A busy person needs to look presentable all the time, and contemporary society connects a pretty smile to health. Find a quality dentist that you will feel pleased with, who will follow your teeth and gum health and ensure that your smile of success stays white and shiny. Dental appointments should be done yearly or more often, depending on your family history of dental issues and the state of your teeth.

    Mental pause

    Between meetings, work, maybe your second work, picking up kids, and so much more, do you stop and simply breathe for a bit? Give yourself a few minutes after a strenuous obligation to rest at least while drinking your go-to cup of coffee or don’t look at the rest of the schedule while on a lunch break. 

    Meal preparation

    Healthy nutrition is the base for proper function during the day and remaining healthy in the long run. But a healthy meal requires washing, cutting, cooking, baking, and doing the dishes. It simply takes too long in a day that only has 24 hours. If you want to still prepare the food yourself, it is best to take an afternoon and do the grocery shopping and meal preparation for the upcoming week. You already know that good preparation is the basics for the best results. 

    Healthy snacking

    To further ensure you are getting essential nutrition that a woman might need, you might get the recommendation to take vitamins and mineral-rich pills. The truth is that you can still get nutrients in your food, especially if you implement healthy snacks between your meals. Healthy snacks include nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables, Greek yogurt, and even a bit of dark chocolate.

    Digital detox

    Most of our lives revolve around digital to the extent of not going offline at all. People became obsessed with social media and it became important to get visual memories of everything we do around our days. Even if we are busy we will show it. Digital detox is a phrase for the time spent offline, be it walking, reading, playing with your pet and children, or baking. Take the time to enjoy through the lenses of your eyes only and enrich your life this way.

    Track your achievements

    When being superwoman becomes natural, in time it can seem that we are lacking because we can’t do more. That feeling even got its own name – the fear of missing out. Missing out on your children’s time, on more successful business, but where is missing out on yourself? Try to track your achievements, the ones done in your formal attire as well as the ones done still in pajamas, and check them out from time to time. Do not forget that you are enough and that you have the right to enjoy what you do.

    Give back to yourself

    Lastly, with all that you have and are doing every day, don’t forget to pamper yourself. At the end of the day, you really did all that. It can be shopping, going for a solo trip on a weekend, booking a massage session or cosmetic treatment, or simply buying a fine dinner for you and your family. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and never forget that you really did all of that. 

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