Use Writing to Help Yourself to Recover from Divorce

    Divorces are tough, even when you and your partner part ways peacefully and via mutual agreement. It’s even harder when things get rough between you or your kids are involved in the process. The biggest challenge for a woman is to stay mentally strong and preserve inner peace as much as it’s possible. But, recovering after a divorce is a challenge for every woman out there. That’s why we suggest writing as a method for getting back on your feet after a divorce.

    Writing is a powerful tool for self-help, mental strength, and processing the emotions you’re experiencing. If you’re not sure how writing can help you cope with divorce, we’re here to explain.

    Here’s how to use writing to help yourself recover from divorce.

    1. Stop Suppressing

    You may think that you’re strong enough to breeze through this divorce without a single scratch. But, why would you do this? It’s perfectly normal for a woman to suffer and experience a rollercoaster of emotions in this period.

    So, use writing to stop suppressing your emotions and face them instead.


    It’s simple:

    • make  a decision to inspect how you feel each day
    • write it down in your emotions journal
    • be brutally honest and don’t hold back

    After a while, you’ll feel like a load has been taken off your shoulders, and you’re getting lighter and lighter by the day. Writing about how you feel helps you heal faster and healthier.

    2. Build Your Self-Esteem

    So many women start experiencing low self-esteem after a divorce, thinking they’ve failed at this major life role. But, in reality, you and your partner simply couldn’t continue being together, and it’s not your fault.

    Luckily, writing can help you build your self-esteem back.

    Here’s a writing exercise you should try:

    • take 5 minutes every day to write
    • write down what you love about yourself
    • write your biggest accomplishments
    • appreciate who you are, just the way you are

    You need to work on feeling empowered and confident. It’ll give you the energy to recover from your divorce and focus on all the wonderful things that surround you.

    3. Use The Creative Drive

    Experiencing strong emotions like those you feel during and after your divorce can be a creative booster. That means you may feel inspired to write something other than journal entries.

    You could try turning your emotions and thoughts into:

    • poetry
    • short stories
    • fairy tales
    • blog posts

    Think about the different things you could write and give it a shot. If you like the result, share it with friends or even publish it somewhere. GetGoodGrade can help you polish it before publishing if you’re having second thoughts or doubt your writing skills.

    4. Write Affirmations

    Positive affirmations are great for any type of recovery. This can help you cope with divorce and give you the extra energy you need to start each day.

    Positive affirmations are short statements that you should write down and then say out loud. It should be something you need to hear every morning. For instance:

    • I am going to have a great day.
    • I am well.
    • I am beautiful.

    Try truly listening to yourself and believing the words you’re saying. If this feels right, you can start writing more complex affirmations and use them to build confidence and improve your energy levels.

    5. Cope With Negativity

    No matter how hard you try, negative emotions are going to overwhelm you at some point. You’re bound to experience anger, frustration, fear, or pure sadness. And, writing can help you with this as well.

    Give yourself the freedom to turn all those emotions into words on paper. You can write down anything you want:

    • what you’d like to do to your ex
    • swears and curse words
    • crazy fantasies
    • self-pity lines

    Just write it all down and get it out of your system. Once you finish, close your notebook and don’t go back to it ever again.

    This way, you got rid of the negativity, and you processed your emotions, but you didn’t allow them to take over. Instead, you processed them and left them behind you.

    6. Set New Goals

    After a divorce, every woman needs something to keep her mind off the thing that happened. Setting fresh, new goals is one way of making yourself feel empowered and motivated again.

    So, start thinking about minor and major plans for the future. Write them down the following way:

    • what’s your goal
    • what it would mean to you to accomplish it
    • when you plan on accomplishing it and how

    Your goals can be anything from getting in shape to moving to another city.

    Write down the steps to achieving this goal and make new entries regarding the progress of the process. It’ll give you more will and motivation to fight for your goals and keep your mind off of things.

    7. Write a Letter

    Letters are great writing prompts when it comes to coping with emotions and letting go of emotional blockage. Directly addressing the people who’ve affected your life gives you the feeling of freedom and disburdening.

    You could try writing a letter to:

    • your ex
    • yourself
    • yourself in the future

    Think about the things you’d like to say and write them in a letter. Address the events from the past the things you’re feeling, and how this whole situation changed your life. Ask questions, give answers, and be completely honest.

    Once you finish, pack it in an envelope and set it aside in your journal or a drawer you don’t open that often.

    Final Thoughts

    Coping with a divorce is a challenge for every woman, and we all experience it our own way. The important thing is that you find the right way to let go of the emotions you’re holding within, and make room for new, wonderful things to happen to you.

    Hopefully, this article will inspire you to try different writing exercises to cope with divorce and find the inner peace you deserve.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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