Top 3 Reasons Men Need Plastic Surgeons

    Contrary to what you may think or assume, plastic surgery is not just for women. Though movies and advertisements tend to portray only women getting work done, there are lots of men who undergo the knife. Men are gaining on women in receiving plastic surgery for all types of skin and cosmetic improvements. Since society tends to value being fit and youthful it’s no surprise that both men and women want to look and feel good and are looking to plastic surgery to meet their needs. Here are the top 3 reasons why men seek out plastic surgeons and opting for cosmetic treatments for removing flaws.

    1. Hair Transplants

    As you get older your hair thins and you may start experiencing hair loss. For most people, having a head full of hair brings them confidence. Since it’s more common for men to experience hair loss, hair transplants is one of three reasons men seek out plastic surgeons.

    Few people understand the concept of hair transplants as being plastic surgery, but the most successful types of hair restoration are done by relocating hair-bearing skin grafts to thinning areas on the head.

    Not everyone is a good candidate for hair restoration. If you have healthy hair growth along the sides and back of your head, chances are good that these areas can be transferred to the thinning scalp. However, if you have lost a substantial amount of hair and it continues to thin, there is little that plastic surgery can do to reverse this action. Changing hormones or a family history of baldness are other reasons why you should think twice about having a hair transplant.

    There are two surgical procedures that are common in regaining hair growth. The first one is the follicular unit transplant method, where strips of skin that contain healthy hair follicles are carefully removed from the back of the head and transferred to the area in need. Tissue expansion is the second type of surgical treatment for hair restoration. This procedure removes the entire strip of balding scalp and uses the surrounding healthy scalp to stretch across the head. Referred to as tissue expansion, there may not be enough healthy scalp to cover all. In such cases, a combination of follicular unit transplant and tissue expansion are used together.

    2. Liposuction

    Lipo, for short, is a surgical procedure that reshapes specific areas where fat deposits are in excess. Some of these areas include:

    • Chest
    • Thighs and buttocks
    • Cheeks, neck, and chin
    • Abdomen and waist

    Men can become disproportionate in shape due to age and lack of exercise. Diet and exercise should be exhausted before lipo surgery is considered. Patients that are non-smokers and in excellent health are the only candidates that should seek lipo and are within 30% of their desired weight. The main purpose of liposuction is to slim and reshape a body into a more desired proportion. A top plastic surgeon will be able to provide the right advice and guidance. Conduct thorough research by doing a google search and lookup plastic surgeons near you. Read through all the reviews and find a surgeon who specializes in the procedure you are looking to get.

    3. Male Breast Reduction

    Gynecomastia is the appearance of large breasts in men. It has been noted that 50% of American men of all ages are plagued with this condition. Losing weight is often a sign that Gynecomastia is present. The glandular tissue does not decrease as the fat cells shrink, leaving prominent enlarged breasts on a slender body.

    Over the past 20 years, male breast reduction plastic surgery caused by Gynecomastia has increased by 181%. This surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter, firmer, and masculine contour to the chest. Plastic surgeons are excellent in their field of removing the underlying tissue with minimal scarring.

    Cosmetic procedures for men have risen over 40% since 2010. In addition to the top 3 procedures, these surgeries are a high percentage of male plastic surgeries:

    • Tattoo removals
    • Ear surgery
    • Chin augmentation
    • Neck lifts
    • Nose jobs

    Men account for 9% of all plastic surgery procedures in the United States. The trend is continuing to increase as males realize that looking and feeling physically confident is a controllable factor. Whether or not you choose to undergo plastic surgery is a personal decision that is completely up to you. You never need to undergo plastic surgery unless it’s a decision that you’ve made for yourself. You’re perfect just as you are, but if you also want to make some changes that’s perfectly alright too.

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