10 Tragus Jewelry Types For Women To Add Elegance To Your Outfit

    Tragus jewelry is different, and it completely changes the look of your ears. Tragus jewelry is worn on the outer side of the ears at the pointed eminence.

    The tragus jewelryis available in vertical and horizontal styles. If you like offbeat earring styles, then you can try tragus jewelry types. The best part is, you can wear the styles with your every outfit. It makes you look pretty and elegant.

    10 Tragus Jewelry Types For Women To Add Elegance To Your Outfit:

    1. Amethyst Cabochon Lip Cartilage Flat Back Earring

    The style features a rounded set, which is completely polished to give you a great look. It is set in 14K yellow gold and is threaded. It is nickel-free and comfortable for your daily wear. The style also has a flat disc backing.

    2. Blue topaz flat back stud

    This one should be in your collection as it looks royal and classy. The style is set in genuine diamonds and 14K gold. The style is available in yellow, rose gold, and white metal, so you can choose according to your preference.

    3. Gold flat back stud

    Gold flatback stud is perfect for any occasion and outfit. The gold color suits every dress color so you must buy this one. It features a ying-yang charm and is set in 14K yellow gold. It is available in white and rose gold.

    4. Lightning bolt stud

    This addition to your earring collection will make you look super stylish. The lightning bolt design is for women who love offbeat styles. It is set in 14K yellow gold and is internally threaded. It has a comfortable fit, so you can wear it on a casual basis.

    5. Gold captive bead ring

    It is a basic essential for all piercing styles including the tragus piercing style. It is set in 14K yellow gold is completely nickel-free. It is hand-polished to give it a mirror-like shine, which makes all the difference when you wear it.

    6. Spiral barbell

    Barbell style in tragus jewelry also looks offbeat and different. A spiral style adds a good charm to your daily collection. It is set in 14K yellow gold but is also available in different metals. The piece looks great in cartilage earring type.

    7. Cluster flower diamond flat back

    The style looks pretty and can be worn with any dress color. It features a 4mm flower charm, which is set in 18K yellow gold. It is internally threaded and nickel-free.

    8. Seamless ring hoop

    The hoop style looks glam in the tragus collection. It is set in 14K yellow gold and is ideal for your daily wear. It creates a glimmer effect that shines on the ears.

    9. Gold stud tragus earrings

    It features a flat disc back but looks beautiful when you wear it with your different earrings styles. It perfectly shines on all occasions.

    10. Circular barbell style

    The circular barbell will never go out of trend. It features a diamond bezel perfectly set in 14K gold. It is also available in rose gold.

    Make your unique tragus jewelry collection now and shine on!

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