Avoid Sagging breasts with these 6 DIY Tips

    With increasing population & pollution, the average lifespan of a human being has fallen down and this has led to a shorter youth period. Most of the young women are concerned about their youthful appearance and worry about losing their attractiveness.

    Aging is a natural phenomenon. You cannot control it but you can definitely prevent aging from happening early by taking care of your body. And when it comes to sagging breasts, there is a lot more you should do. However, you can also perform breast lift from a certified plastic surgeon for a better & perkier breasts.

    In this article, we will walk you through 6 DIY tips to avoid sagging breasts.

    Tips to avoid sagging breasts

    1. Exercising & Weight lifting

    Girl working out

    Exercise not only keeps your mind & body active but it will also help you look and feel fit by making control over your weight and giving you a slim waist which will eventually help in emphasizing the perkiness of your breasts.

    It is recommended to do some aerobic exercise like jogging or swimming at least 30 mins each day. Yoga can also be helpful especially if you perform it the early morning after waking up.

    While Aerobic exercise will help you keep yourself fit & active, weight lifting will help you build muscles and keep them strong.

    It is recommended to Do push-ups at least twice a week for 10 minutes to strengthen the muscles in your arms, chest, and back. You can also lie on your stomach with your hand palms on the floor next to your shoulders.

    2. Wear a fit Sports bra while you exercise

    This is one of the important things you should be concerned as a woman. However, this is a general protocol for exercising, you should always take care of it, at least for the sake of your breasts.

    Your breasts bounce between 4 and 15 cm during exercise which leads to the strain in the connective tissue that attaches your breasts to your chest and the skin that covers your breast tissue. A well-fitted sports bra will not only hold your breasts at a place constantly but it will also prevent boobs from bouncing and the skin and ligaments from stretching. This is why breast lift experts always recommend a good fit sports bra for exercise.

    3. Avoid V-neck shirts

    V-neck shirts may look and sexy when you step outside, but at the same time, it also exposes your skin to ultraviolet radiations. This can result in the damage of your skin just above the breast. To avoid this,

    1. You can consider applying sunscreen while you are outside on a sunny day
    2. Avoid dark tans 

    4. Avoid Smoking & Drinking

    no smoking

    I know, some of you will be upset about it if I say you have to quit smoking & drinking for a perkier & attractive breast, but that’s true.

    Nicotine cause your skin to get less oxygen and nutrients when you smoke. Other harmful chemicals in cigarettes harm the collagen and elastin in your skin making it weaker and less stretchy. This result in wrinkling and sagging breast. And worst of all, you will look older at your young age.

    5. Using Moisturizer 

    applying moisturizer

    Using a moisturized for preventing your skin from getting dehydrated have been used by women for a long time. But always try to use non-oily moisturizer.

    When to use moisturizer?

    1. After shower
    2. Outside your home
    3. In a sunny day
    4. If you live near the equator

    6. Increase Protein Intake

    Now, this is something which is related to your diet plan. In order to have a perkier and attractive, breast you gotta have a proper diet plan for your body and protein intake should be prioritized at the top. Protein can not only help you healing damaged skin, connective tissues, and muscles, it will also help your breast resist gravity. This can result in a perkier & healthier breast and body.

    What food to eat?

    Meat, Fish, Egg, cheese, etc

    7. Eat Fresh Fruits & vegetables

    Fruits and berries

    Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is the must for a healthy & active mind and body. They not provide vitamins & minerals to your body, it will also help in keeping your breast tissues young and attractive.

    What to eat?

    At least 4 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables per day.

    Examples include: berries, apples, banana, grapes, cherries, papaya, etc. Vegetables include potatoes, cabbage, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, etc.

    Final thoughts

    Women these days are equally hardworking & busy compared to men. In this busy world, where women don’t have time to look for themselves, many of them complain about early aging & sagging breasts from time & again. As I said, there is not more you can do about natural aging, but when it comes to early aging & sagging breasts, there is always a few techniques you can apply to combat. These were the 6 DIY Tips to Avoid Sagging breasts and prevent yourself from being old & ugly before time. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

    Prabhash Thakur
    Prabhash Thakur
    Prabhash is the SEO & digital marketing team expert at Digital Terai, marketing agency in Nepal.

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