Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters (Infographic)

    In the federal justice system, evidence should always be needed in order to prosecute the other party, this is called the burden of proof. The first rule of having an evidence is that, the relevance of it in the court must be substantial or else, the evidence would be considered invalid.

    There are several types of evidences that could be used against the defense in court. Some of them are harder to obtain than the others but all could be used if proven relevant.

    Character evidence

    This evidence that someone has been acting on a certain way according to the character of a person. Although the consistency of the character’s action cannot be proven, this can be used on workplace investigation as an evidence for a person’s motive and intentions.

    Circumstantial Evidence

    This is a series of evidences that are separate from what the argument is trying to prove from other facts. Unlike other evidences, this is not considered a strong one but can also be used in the court of law.

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    Demonstrative evidence

    These are photos, videos, audio recordings, charts, or other sources that can catch the accused person in action. Demonstrative evidence shows that the accused directly demonstrates a fact.

    Digital evidence

    These are evidences which are gathered from electronic resources such as texts, emails, electronic transactions, documents, and extracted files from storage devices, Digital evidences can also be found through open source intelligence (OSINT).

    One of the most useful digital evidences a person could have is WhatsApp messages. They can be archived and be used in court. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications right now and if you could prove the relevance of the evidence, it is sure that you can used it to have the upper hand.

    To have an idea on how to use archived WhatsApp messages on court, you can view this infographic from TeleMessage.

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