Cyberbullying in Teens- What, When and How to Stop?

    Twenty first century came with new trends, one of those being the excessive use of mobile phones and the internet. Irrespective of age limit, the technology has provided us different means of content, where there are many learning through it, many have their online jobs and then there comes the toddlers who use them for cartoons or games. I must add here that people were supposed to be more close with the use of technology and it does that but it also has some major horrifying negative side which could affect badly. 

    What is Cyberbullying ?  

    Technology also came far to discover the ways towards crimes, exploitation of laws, and inflict injury on others. It allows the teens to take bullying to an advanced level from college hallways to cyberspace. It victimizes the people via texts, images, video games, threatening messages,spreading fake profiles or information about yourself or any other form of media graphics.

    Here I am pointing out some ways how you or your child can fall trapped in those hurting bullies.

    • Almost 20 percent of teens claimed to experience a type of cyberbully by pretending to be a person or tricking them online. The purpose was to collect the personal information.
    • Ten percent of teens call that they were cyberbullied by their unflattering picture posted by someone without their permission.
    •  Seventeen percent of teens claimed that someone lied about them.

    Cyberbullying is getting so common that it affects the mind of teens which is dangerous. Therefore we need to take much precautions to know how to prevent our kids from this.

    Eighty percent of youth told that people do cyberbullying because they find it funny.

    Many teens think that the youth cyberbully because they find it funny or a joke, encouraged by a friend, or they think everyone does that. On the other side, it affects victims negatively and can give rise to the urge to take revenge. Hence, this cycle should be stopped at the first step.

    Teaching the kids cyber-ethics, responsibility and internet safety. Parents can do the list down tasks in order to take precautionary measures.

    •  Inform teens about the risks and benefits of the internet.
    •  Inform them about the relevant examples of incidents that have happened in the past.
    •  Beware of the content teens view or track them online.
    •  Know what sites they visit frequently and for which purpose.
    •  Make it clear that they should not have a face-to-face meeting with anyone they have met online.
    •  Inform them to not share any personal pictures or information (including their contact number, credit card information, addresses, school name).
    •  Make rules of how much they can use the internet in a day and which sites are safe for them to visit.
    •  Guide them properly how to deal with the cyberbully if they ever face it.
    • Explain to teens it is not necessary that the person cyberbully will remain unknown to you. They can be traced, located and punished if they are harassing.

    What to do if someone is Cyberbullied?

    Threats on websites are always there twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. In case you get to know about being trapped or cyberbullying , do not worry I am stating the helpful measures. 

    • Educate teens not to read the messages related to cyberbullying. Block or delete the messages may prevent their minds from bad stuff. 
    • Guide them how to stay away from such activities by not taking revenge or replying back to any stanger. 
    • Teach them they can report the suspicious activities to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and website administrators. Reputed websites have a team working on this specific department. These departments have some control to block that suspected user.
    • Inform them how to make strong passwords and not to share it with anyone.
    • Let them know that if they are ever cyberbullied they are not responsible for that. But it is important to tell that they are being victimized. Ensure them that their internet privileges will not be restricted after that.
    • Teach them to make a record of cyberbullying attacks. It will be helpful in future for law enforcement. If teen is facing threats, harassment, please call the police for ensuring the kid’s safety. Remember if it gets out of your control then taking help from the law as soon as possible is necessary. 

    Over seventy percent of teens claimed that blocking is the most effective method of prevention.

    Bottom Line

    For more about cyberbullying, it’s prevention and the places from where you can seek help from the respective agencies and laws related to cybersecurity. Remember that Cyberbullying could be prevented but teaching the teens about their dangers is necessary. Technology is changing and with time security is becoming a more important factor. Hence, the sooner we learn, the more benefit we will gain. 

    Bushra Javed
    Bushra Javed
    Bushra Javed is a compassionate and hardworking individual who has graduated from Software Engineering recently, working as an Associate Software Engineer at Systems Limited. She loves to write for website  BestandBeasts  and blogs. She has also written for Zulzan. She believes in working every day to make a better future. 

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