Snow Mountain Garlic – One of the Medicinal Curative Herb

Story of Garlic

The Himalayan mountain ranges are well known for their beauty and vastness. But little does everyone know about the abundance of herbs found here that have the potency to cure even the most dangerous of diseases prevalent in the modern world. One such precious gift is the discovery of the Snow Mountain Garlic, which is extremely palatable and filled with innumerable medicinal properties.

Several cultures including the Greek, Indian, Chinese as well as Egyptians had been using this herb to prevent and cure diseases. Mountaineers make use of this garlic to supply unlimited energy to their body.

How is Snow Mountain Garlic so Special?

SMG can offer miraculous cure for certain diseases, without any medication. There were instances of people getting healed from high blood pressure, heart diseases and even cancer. It has special properties that rejuvenate the brain nerves, refine blood circulation and prevent tumors of the brain. It can be an extremely potent natural form of medicine for asthma, flu and common cold. It can be beneficial for almost all the organs in the body.

Everything from its cultivation and attributes to the huge list of benefits it can offer makes Snow Mountain Garlic a very special herb.

Cultivation Process and Attributes

Snow Mountain Garlic is rare, as it is grown and harvested only once a year. In September, the plant is seeded while the following April/May is the time when it’s harvested. It is exclusively grown without any chemicals or pesticides. Since it is usually grown at an altitude of 11,000 feet in the cold mountains, it’s quite pristine without any pollution. As the roots start penetrating the ground where the temperature is -3oC, farmers keep clearing the snow for the root to get adequate sunlight and air.


When the temperature reaches around -10oC, the plant–in order to survive the cold and preserve its nutrients—shoots up to about 4 feet with the garlic bulb covered in hard shell. The plant especially adapts to the weather and conducts a capillary transportation of nutrients from the root to the top.

Clinical Observations and Researches

A clinical experiment was performed for 3 years with around 350 patients to observe the garlic health benefits of SMG, especially for cardiovascular diseases. Research revealed that there were tremendous improvements not only in the hearts of the patients, but also in other areas of health. Some of the benefits included a boost in immunity, high energy levels, mellowing of high blood pressure, improvement in lung capacity and much more.

Various Other Health Benefits Observed

Garlic has always been globally recognized for its amazing properties to fight against bacteria, virus and fungal infections. Eventually, various researches and hands-on experiments were tried with the Snow Mountain Garlic for various ailments and several facts have been revealed.

SMG is used to 

  • Treat snake bites, insect bites, and wounds
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce hypertension
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Treat common cold and asthma
  • Treat plague
  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Purify blood
  • Boost energy level
  • Improve testosterone levels
  • Annihilate the effects of bacteria, virus, and fungus
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Fight obesity by boosting metabolism

Today’s health industry has created easy accessibility of SMG for the common people through pills, capsules, powders and oils. Garlic-based coffee and tea are also offered. Health supplements are often recommended for people with higher risk of heart diseases and lower immunity. It is the best antioxidant.

Nevertheless, consumption of raw SMG is the best form for you to enjoy its overall benefits. Since it is not pungent, you can just break the shell and swallow the same.

How is SMG different from regular garlic?

Kashmiri Garlic or SMG is very different from regular garlic, which is an integral part of most cuisines.  Some of the differences include:

  • Unlike regular garlic, which is commonly found in the market, SMG does not have a very strong flavor. It does not leave an aftertaste or smelly breath despite consuming it in the raw form.
  • Regular garlic is grown at altitudes of sea-level and is often grown in surroundings of various pollutants and using pesticides. SMG is exclusively grown in natural surroundings of mountains where the minimum altitude is about 11,000 feet. It is the purest form of herbal ingredient rich in nutrition.
  • The garlic health benefits include various preventive measures and cures to almost every part of the human body.
  • It has a hard shell that preserves the nutrients and protects it against the cold weather of the mountains.

Now that you know the benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic, have it twice a day and enjoy a holistically healthy body. You may have to wait for about two to three months to notice the results though.