5 Major Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sometimes even after spending tons of cash on your interior and room decor, you cannot get that perfect look or always feel like you lack something.

Well, it can be because of the little mistakes you can be unconsciously making. To make you aware of that, I have combined few interior and decorating mistakes that should be your point of consideration while working on your house.

Have a look:

Coffe Table

Proportion and Orientation:

Scale and proportion are the basic vessels of home decor plan. The scale is the extent of things, and extent is the relationship of those sizes to each other and the room in general. That is likely the greatest issue most people end up with.

As mostly homes today are constructed on innovative styles, mostly with open floor arrangements and volume roofs, we do need to critically consider proportion and orientation into every one of the layers of the outline.

The basic purpose of should be to maximize arrangement and effect. Every bit of your interior needs to be coexisting in harmony, without overlapping each other’s feature. Hence the way you orient things and place them does play a very important role in the overall outcome.

Determine How You Want Your Room To Function:

Should it be a TV lounge or a dining room? Study area or your kid’s play area? The best tip to organize an effective interior is to make things systemic, and step one is to determine the function of your room.

After deciding how you want to use that room, now select the decor items and furniture bits accordingly.  Consider selecting pieces that will upgrade the way you will live in the room. Choose furniture that is more agreeable to shape and function of your room, and what will accentuate its features more.

Living Room

Don’t Get Crazy With Colors:

Who doesn’t like a funky and colorful space? However adding too much color and playing around with theme too much can end up in a hot mess as well. Try to take things easy and as they are.

Take a close look at the space you want to decorate. In case you’re living in an apartment or single room, try to stay with ideas that are closely agreeable to where you are living. Avoid getting influenced by something you saw in magazines; it might not work for you. You can use nice colors in bed sheets, comforters, cushions and pillows. Trying to match the colors in overall home décor look is one of the mistakes you should avoid. Matching walls and furniture is not in trend moreover, it kills the enhancing contrast which adds beauty in the entire look.

Using Inappropriate Lighting:

Lighting is an exceptionally key to home decor. You need to consider the shade of light, the quantity of light and where to place it.

You need to consider light at different circumstances of the day and different circumstances of the year. An ideal approach to outline your lighting for best results is to do it in layers. Also using dimmers is a smart approach as well, as it helps you to easily modify your lighting for whatever sort of temperament you need.

Choose Your Furniture Smartly:

Abstain from spending a lot on one thing and try to be as much versatile as possible. Be sensible with your financial plan and purchase things that will last you a good amount of time. Consider the type of material used and texture very carefully while purchasing. The type of furniture you have holds the same impact for your room as good dressing holds for you.

Hope you liked this article, if you have any suggestions, comment below.