5 Unconventional Ways to Exhibit Flowers beyond the Vase

Flower is a most inspirational and thoughtful mean to enhance the beauty of the place. In every place flower has become an important source of decoration. But it looks more meaningful and beautiful when it is being decked in the proper vase. There are various types of vase available in the market to buy and shop. But they are costly in price.  Here we are going to show you some cheaper ideas with which you can decorate your room corner using empty tins and unused things. It looks pretty and adorable when you actually turn it into a flower vase. Come and get online flowers bouquet delivery to send flowers across the globe.

Here are the tips, please follow under here.

1) Use Tea or Coffee Mug

Use-Tea-or-Coffee-MugInstead of throwing an old coffee mug you can use it as a decorative vase. Ceramic flowery designed  saucer and tea cup can become an eye-catching feature of the room. It’s a cheaper idea to buy a china coffee mug from the handicraft store. You can beautifully arrange the fresh flowers or faux flowers in it.

2) Use Water or Wine Bottle

Use-Water-or-Wine-Bottle Empty wine bottle or water bottle can become the best mean of classy vase. Yes, you can reuse the empty wine bottle, water bottle or soda bottle and make a designer flower vase out of it. You can use any shape and size bottle for standing rose stems, gerberas or any other flowers in the bottle. Additionaly, you can also use different colored bottle or coloring water for adding a special glaze in the room.

3) Use Wellington Shoes

Use-Wellington-ShoesYour kid’s Wellington shoes can become a fantastic vase for its water holding system. You can give the special display in your outdoor and garden using these shoes. Its water keeping system will keep the flowers fresh and attractive for longer time.

4) Use Wall Beds

Use-Wall-BedsWall beds can also be a great fun loving idea to décor your bedroom. Spread the special aroma of roses and other seasonal flowers by using flowerbed runes on the wall.You may also get the flowers delivered at your home or directly sent to your dear ones.

5) Use Tin Cans or Mason Jar

Use-Tin-Cans-or-Mason-Jar Using emptied tins, cans and mason jars are an ideal choice to make a stunning flower vase. They are so easily preserve the freshness of flowers for longer time. To use tin for the shining metal look you can remove the plastic cover and give the metal finishing touch to your vase. If you have glass jar, you can remove the lead and put your favorite flowers for making creative glass vase.

So here are the cheapest ways we have described to make a homemade vase from home decor and kitchen utilities. You can make the best use of unused things from here. There are many others like unused umbrella, unused cycle and unused purse you can use for the plantation. It is an ideal way to decorate your home in lesser cost. We are sure that you are definitely going to try this.