6 Important Steps and Tips On Cleaning Curtains

    When you build a home of your dreams, you always make efforts to decorate the place. Drapes and curtains play an important role in designing the house according to your preference. Curtains may enhance the look of the entire house. They look beautiful when you put them but with time they get dirty. It is not realized that a lot of dust and dirt get accumulated on them with the passage of time. You thus need to dust the drapes or take the help of cleaning curtains services.

    Why do you need to clean curtains?

    Curtains get filthy soon due to several reasons like

    • They absorb moisture from outside when the windows are open and thereby they attract dust.
    • The dust settles on the drapes when the fan keeps on rotating the whole day, or when you vacuum or dust the house.
    • The dust can enter the room through cracks on the window and they settle on the curtains.

    Curtains thus are the abode of dust and germs. As a result the family becomes at risk of getting infected by various germs or allergies. The growth of various bacteria and moulds can be seen if you don’t clean the curtains.

    How to clean the curtains?

    It is always ideal to clean the curtains at regular interval. Some of the steps to do so are given below:

    1. Dusting

    The curtains get dirty very soon, so it is wise step to clean the curtains at least once a week. You can dust the drapes every week instead of washing them. By using a vacuum cleaner or feather duster, dusting cloths, damp cloth, static duster, one can clean the curtains.

    2. Machine washing

    The curtains that are machine washable can be washed using a washing machine. This can be done at longer interval to maintain the look of the drapes. Use good quality detergent and follow the methods of washing recommended by the manufacturer.

    3. Steam cleaning

    If the manufacturer’s label on the curtains shows that the curtains are safe to steam cleaning then you can use this method. It is a safe and quite inexpensive means of cleaning. One just needs a handheld steam cleaner available in the market to clean the drape.

    4. Dry cleaning

    There are dry cleaners services available in the area to clean the curtains. It is important to check whether the curtains are safe for dry cleaning or not.. The dry cleaners too must be good in their job or else you will end up destroying the drape.

    5. Drying

    It is advisable to dry the drapes on the gentle cycle on low or no heat in the washing machine. Dry the till they are little damp and then hand them outside to dry. It is never ideal to either dry the drapes on the rods when wet or dry them completely in the machine.

    6. Professional cleaning

    One can take the help of professionals to clean the drapes once in two years. The professionals have the specifically designed equipment to clean the fabric. They can visit your house and clean them there only. They have special process to dry clean the curtains in the office or house only. Hence you get satisfied service, clean curtains at no effort right at your home.

    Curtains can remain clean and free from dust if some simple steps are kept in mind. If you follow some effective tips for cleaning curtains, then you can easily maintain your curtain for long. It is always right to vacuum the curtains regularly using the soft brush attachment. Keeping the kitchen door closed while cooking and preventing the act of smoking inside the room can reduce the smell getting accumulated on to the drapes.

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    Molly Crowe
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