8 Budget-friendly mini makeover ideas for your home

    It’s hard to take time out of your daily routine which includes taking care of the kids, doing a nine-to-five job and handling endless chores, right? But you can’t resist your inner artist who is always willing to make time for redecorating your space and the entire home, for that matter. Where’s the problem, you ask?

    Well, for most of the women I know the budget is a major issue and redecorating your space can mess it up big time. Today I bring you a few ideas that are really cheap, but it would give your space an entirely new look. So let’s get started.

    Replace The Metal!

    Door handles

    Ever noticed that those drawer pulls are probably getting really old? Hit the thrift shop, and you can find some vintage, heavy and decorative drawer’s handle. It is not a difficult task at all, and you would be able to do it by yourself over the weekend. You will notice that your old drawers will start to look as good as new! And you can get them for a minimal price as well.

    Make Your Own Headboard

    Bedroom decorating ideas

    Aren’t you bored of the same old plain bed that you have had for ages now? Well, I mostly recommend this particular hack to kids who live in a dorm. If you don’t have a beautiful headboard if it has become old or ugly; whatever the case may be, you can always make your own.

    There are many videos on the YouTube that can tell you how to make a DIY headboard. Hint: you’re going to need a fabric of your choice to make it.

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    Clean It Up!

    Home decor Furniture

    This is a very basic hack, I’m sure you knew it already, but reminders are good. Are they not? If you declutter your room by removing the excess furniture, it will look more proper. Don’t overdecorate your space, and it doesn’t look good at all.

    Once you have thrown away everything that you don’t need, set up a weekly schedule of cleaning the space so that you can maintain it without any trouble.

    Set Up A Reading Nook


    Home office

    I’m a reader! Not a day goes by when I don’t read a book before falling asleep. But I don’t always read in my bed. Whether you are at home or your dorm, having a comfortable and cozy space where you can sit and enjoy a warm mug of coffee with a nice book in winters is a must! You can look for a used vintage armchair and a vintage lamp that you can place on a small coffee table to set up your little reading nook by the window. It looks great, and it will become your happy place.

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    Add Rugs

    Not sure what to do with the floors? You can always add rugs. While you have to be careful when shopping for rugs because you will have to match them with the furniture, I want to suggest that you try and find some cheap rugs that you can replace after some time. Having to clean rugs is too much hassle.

    Add Lamps


    Bedroom Decor Ideas

    And by that, I mean all sorts of lamps! You can add some lamps that hang overhead, some floor lamps, etc.

    Vintage lamps are not really cheap, you can also opt for more modern design, but you have to keep the rest of décor in your mind before buying one. The whole idea is to bring in softer lights, and switch from regular overhead lights to yellow lights.

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    Buy Some Cushions

    I can never get enough of buying cute cushions for my room. They’re comfy, they’re cute, and not only they give the whole space a new look, but they also serve a purpose. Therefore, I love adding up more cushions to my room whenever I can. But make sure that they don’t take up more than half of the space on your bed. The best part about decorating with cushions is that they are cheap and you can easily replace them.

    Neon Letters For Décor

    And lastly, you can add some neon lettering to the room to give it a somewhat personal touch. Neon letters are an inexpensive way of decorating your room, and you can add whatever you like; for example, you can put up a large Neon letter of your initial. Or you can display a short quote that you really love. It’s entirely up to you. Click here for further assistance.

    These are a few incredible ways in which you can decorate your room without spending a lot of money on it.

    Brenda Tanner
    Brenda Tanner
    Brenda Tanner is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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