The best kind of meditation for your goals

    In order to reach some goals, it’s important to move steadily with full awareness of what you are doing. Especially, when it comes to changing your mood, concentration or emotional situation. If you need to relax your body, ease some tension and be in harmony with yourself, it’s high time for you to try different kinds of meditation.

    During the last years, a lot of new sorts of meditation have been invented. All of them are quite different, that is why it’s hard sometimes to find a specific way of achieving your purpose. All you have to do is to define your needs for better understanding of what techniques to use in the future.


    The lifestyle of practically all people is quite hasty and stressful. They have to meet deadlines, be successful and find some time for their families too, which sounds overwhelming for many of them. The most popular kinds of meditation are aimed to bring peace and tranquility when there is no way to cope with emotional tension.

    The technique, called “body scan” is the best remedy here. It’s about finding areas of tension in your body: your back, knees, or head. Different scientists suggest two ways of fighting with those painful spots. The first one involves tension and relaxation of muscles. Another one advises imagining a warm wave that comes up from your feet to the tip of your head. The process has to be slow, as your task here is to relax each part of your body to the fullest.

    Be Energetic

    There are times when another cup of coffee doesn’t help you to wake up or stay active in the middle of the day. That’s why energizing sorts of meditation exist. If you want to feel more awake, try to put your thumb on one of your nostrils and breathe rhythmically for half a minute. Than try the same technique with another part of your nose. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll see a huge difference inside your body.

    Get Rid of Stress

    Firing from a job, personal life problems or just bad luck in everyday life can be very stressful. We can’t hide from it, but we can find ways to cope with our problems. Ones you experience some unpleasant situation that can affect your emotional state, make sure you try out some ways of meditation to fight depressing thoughts.

    One of them is called “mindfulness meditation.” This form of stress release can come in handy anywhere and is very simple to apply. It suggests you abstract yourself from a negative state of mind while concentrating on material things that surround you that very moment. In other words, you are not allowed to think about the mistakes, you have done in the зast or possible consequences of your actions in the Future. All you have to do is to look around and search for something you can focus on: nature, singing of birds or even your breath.

    Using the technique of “progressive relaxation” may be good as well. Try to relax those parts of your body that are tensed at that moment and don’t let the pain spread further.

     Be Concentrated

    The following situation is familiar to everyone: you are trying to complete an important task or to meet a deadline, but messages keep popping up on your cell phone. You read them, update your social media page a couple of times, watch your friends’ new photos and don’t realize it’s been an hour since you are not working on your project.

    If this problem relevant to you, “mindfulness meditation” will, definitely, help you out. Don’t expect to become a professional in this form of meditation right away; you will need some time to learn how to do it. Start practicing this technique for five-six minutes every day and you’ll see the result. The next time somebody or something will disturb you, turn off your mind and focus on something that will help you keep working.

     Be Creative

    No one can stay creative all the time, and it’s quite normal. For getting interesting ideas and amusing thoughts, you need to be full of energy, but in a peaceful state of mind. How can you achieve that? “Transcendental meditation” is the best way to convince your mind and make it work differently. The subject of this way of meditation is a word or set of words that teachers call mantra. They are meant to help you to believe in what you are saying during a couple of minutes. Picking up the right words may be quite difficult, so don’t be afraid to ask a person who teaches people how to meditate, what mantra you have to repeat to achieve your goal.

    The technique has to be practiced for 20 minutes twice a day. For better result try to sit down in a comfortable position while breathing calmly.

    Emma Cooper
    Emma Cooper
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