Cheap Summer Home Décor Ideas

For some, the arrival of summer means a break from school or an outdoor retreat, while for others this season represents a perfect opportunity to do some decorating. Use lazy summer days to refresh your home and give it that cheerful summer vibe. Of course, before you start making up excuses like the  holiday season has drained both your wallet and your energy, it is good to note that these few frugal ideas require little to no money and represent an interesting, cost-effective and stylish way to freshen up your home decor this summer.

1DIY Wall Art

Wall Art

There is no need to embellish your home interior with expensive pieces of art when you can simply use your artistic skills to create your own. Fortunately, these kinds of DIY projects do not require some extensive art knowledge so do not be afraid to put your personal and unique mark on it. If you have saved up some old wrapping paper or perhaps a roll of wallpapers, you can easily frame them and turn into abstract looking paintings. Old calendar pages and fabric swatches can make wonderful wall art, as well as framed ferns and herbs you can find anywhere in nature. Also, try playing with lights by buying some interesting lighting online that you can easily tweak and decorate additionally to match your home interior. Displaying jewelry and other accessories on the wall is considered a big hit this year and can serve as a wonderful artistic piece on its own.

2Go Minimal


Great news for all those who enjoy the modern way of life! The recent contemporary trend in interior design has taken a lot of hearts worldwide and people are obsessed with this stylish and elegant interior setting. But how does this help those who are looking for frugal decorating ideas? Well, it is quite simple actually; the sole purpose of the modern design is a minimalist fashion characterized by a sterile environment, little details and impersonal ambiance. So why not combine the spring cleaning routine with this contemporary design and de-clutter your home from all excess objects? Who knows, perhaps you will get accustomed to the clutter-free life, bold designs and clean lines.

3Liven Up Your Home


Perhaps the most obvious way to refresh your home is to use summer as your ally. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and collect some fresh flowers and plants. Display them in pitchers or hand-painted vases around the house to achieve that true summer vibe in your living space. This easy trick is perhaps the most effective as it can add variety of color and smell all around your home.

4Repurpose & Refurbish


In the last couple of years, the rule of three Rs *(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) has found its way into the home of those who wish to make some extraordinary craft projects, but also save some money and the environment in the process. Before you decide to throw out those old crates or wooden pallets perhaps you should get crafting. A few cinder blocks, wooden boards and soft cushions can make an amazing outside bench. Repurpose old dressers into wine cabinets or use your old rusty strainers to make hanging flower pots. Find some cheap tools online and use them to repurpose and repaint old crates into colourful shelving units. Old tires can make great planters or even seating arrangements and there is no reason why your old CDs should not find new life in a form of mosaic art with just a help of some glue.

These few tricks are a handy and inexpensive way to transform your living space inside out using only your handiwork. The best thing about frugal living is that you learn how to create something from nothing and most importantly – you can use your skills to decorate in a traditional, rustic or modern manner, depending on your personal affinities.