Home Extensions – where to start?

    Decisions about home extensions and loft conversions are not easy. Before actually settling on a yes or no, perhaps you should explore alternative options.

    Most of the time people want to build an extension to have more space. They don’t want to sell their house, they just want to make it better. Therefore, look at the square footage and the space you currently have before you make the decision about an extension.

    If you have an option of knocking out a wall you don’t really need or creating two smaller bedrooms from one king-size one which is the best way to go. Perhaps there is a bathroom you can make smaller or bigger by adding or knocking down a wall.

    However, when this is not an option, maybe you have a garage you don’t really use or a basement space which currently just houses memories and things that could go into storage.

    Old ruined house

    From old to new

    Some houses already have an extension, and if there is too much to remodel, consider simply tearing it down and starting from scratch. This seems like an easy solution, however, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

    Older houses very often are protected under the law and there are rules on how they have to be re-built or remodeled.

    All of that said, sometimes it is just an extension which lacks character, looks terrible and has flaws in the design. In this case a complete re-build is your best shot at creating your living space the way you want.

    What if you want more?

    Houses with long and narrow gardens or any kind of gardens can easily expand into the space behind the house.

    If the garden is not big enough or simply is very precious to you or family, you can always consider adding another layer to the extension by building a two floor construction.

    It will offer more living space and storage capacity, which can be useful if not necessary. Consult the local council about the rules of two level structures in your area as well. It will give you an idea of how long it might take to extend. 

    House extension

    Size matters

    Budget will be one of the first thing to plan. Be realistic about it before you speak to architects or builders. Consult builders to find out material costs after preliminary drawings are done.

    There are building cost overviews available in ‘Real Homes’, and they are worth checking out before any work begins.

    Materials, labor and time – all of these cost money, so there won’t be massive differences between your project and what other people have done.

    If you look at other project, it will give you an idea of what to expect when you start this journey.

    House Extensions

    Modern or a period piece?

    First of all your new extension has to be well-built and functional. Secondly, it should also look good.

    For example, seamless extensions look fantastic when they are executed well, but it is a hard task to pull off.

    Perhaps your extension should be one of opposites = old and new living together. Mistakes cannot be called taste, so careful planning is definitely in order.

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