How to Choose Your Best New Windows?

    If you decided to start a windows replacement project then you need to learn yourself about the windows as much as you can so that you will not get fooled by a professional seller. This is why in this article we collected basic information about the most popular windows materials used for replacement windows in Medicine Hat and Okotoks.

    Plastic/Vinyl Windows

    Summary: Plastic is a clearer name for vinyl windows.  According to experts, if you decided to get windows replaced in Medicine Hat, vinyl is your best choice. This material has dominated the markets of new build and replacement windows since the 90s. It has been frequently called a ‘fit and forget’ solution. This is a very Eco-friendly material.

    Pros: It is the most affordable and long-lasting replacement windows material existing. Vinyl windows always look great and require absolutely no maintenance, they require no repainting or refinishing over the time.  Only thing you need to do for your new vinyl windows is cleaning them a couple of times a year.

    Cost: Depending on the style, they start from as less as $299.

    Softwood Windows

    Summary: Softwood windows can offer your home perfect styling and will be an ideal addition to the design of both interior and exterior parts of the home. You can change color of your windows if needed over the time. Softwood itself is a very stable and durable material.

    Pros: The main benefit of softwood windows is that they will look great and appropriate at both contemporary and period-styled houses.

    Cost: Wooden windows are the most expensive option available.

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    Hardwood Windows

    Summary: Hardwood as a material is more stable and durable that softwood. In fact, hardwood replacement windows are the most long-lasting windows units one can find. It is ideal material for stylish homes that require special touches.

    Pros: Hardwood windows promise a longer lifespan than softwood and it has perfect visual appeal.

    Cons: The only downside of hardwood windows is their price. These windows usually have above-the-average cost.

    Cost: Between $8,000 and $20,000 for the whole-house replacement.

    Metal/Fibreglass Windows

    Summary: For fiberglass replacement windows manufacturers in Okoroks most often use steel and aluminum (especially for contemporary-style homes). Fiberglass creates a strong load-bearing frame while aluminum is usually supplied in any color.

    Pros: Fiberglass combines the best qualities of metal, vinyl, and wooden windows, but at the same time has one of the most expensive prices in the market. Aluminum windows are perfect for storm windows.

    Cost: Varies a lot and depends on the manufacturer and style of a unit.

    As you know about the basics of windows available, you can now move to learning about the styles and options available in your local stores.

    Katie Gray is established as a freelance writer for a number of online content hubs (featuring companies like CanChoice windows in Okotoks), who writes about different home improvement themes and other areas alike. A tireless nomad of online community and an influencer in all things related to the home renovations.

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