How To Decorate Your Home With Simple Things

    A lot of time, effort, and money goes into curating the interior design of your dreams no matter what style you want to go for. Whether you’re newly embarking on the journey of decorating your own space or already want to find new ways to spice things up, we have the perfect guide for you. There are simple, subtle, and easy ways you can decorate the space to refresh it. So don’t worry if you don’t have a huge space to work with, a large budget, or anything wild. Let’s take a look at how you can transform your space from zero to hero with a few quick changes around the house.

    1.   Antique Items

    Old, vintage, antique items will always be timeless pieces of decor in any space. It’s even better if they have some sentimental value such as being family heirlooms or something you found from your grandmother’s attic one day. They add a rustic, unique, and personal touch that isn’t always possible to achieve with manufactured decorations from your nearest store.

    2.   Plants and Flowers

    Potted, indoor plants can entirely transform a space. Whether it’s one vase of flowers on the coffee table, a few tiny succulents by the window, or an entire indoor forest in your living room. You can play around with the types of plants and the quantity to add a touch of the natural, wild outdoors in different corners of your home.

    3.    New Lighting

    Lighting is not only a practical aspect of a space, but it also adds style and edge to a room. Things like LED lights and fairy lights are trending a lot lately and make for great accent lighting. Not a lot of people are wow-ed by white, plain lights casting down from the ceiling. More and more people are running to their nearest neon signs store to get a colorful, custom light instead. Mix and match with different lights and let your rooms express themselves. You’ll have fun in the process.

    4.   Exposed Furniture

    Open, airy, and exposed furniture is making great headway lately. What does that mean exactly though? Switching out your cabinets for open shelving is one option. You can do that in the kitchen, living room, or in the cloak closet by your front door. Another approach is opting for an open clothing closet by displaying only a clothing rack as opposed to clunky cabinets. What this achieves is more space and freedom in the room, getting rid of harsh shapes and corners.

    5.   Rugs and Flooring

    A lot of people forget about dressing their floors when it comes to home decor. Rugs can add a lot of character to any room, especially one that’s feeling a bit empty or not cozy enough. If you don’t have a rug in your home, maybe it’s the perfect time to go shopping for one. The best part about rugs is that you can go as simple or as abstract as you want, they’re versatile, and let’s not forget how soft they can be.

    6.   Decorate Everywhere

    If you don’t like something about your home decorations but can’t put your finger on it, perhaps it’s because of the fact that some corners of your room are bare. A lot of homeowners avoid decorating parts of the room that feel awkward or random. For example, you may have a weirdly shaped corner/curve in the room. What about a fireplace that isn’t really a fireplace but just the spot for one? Start adding a few decorations to give flair to those parts of the house instead of neglecting them. You’ll find that a little goes a long way.

    7.   Have a Statement Piece

    If you’re not a fan of a cluttered home filled with different household items and decor, it’s completely fine! Decorating may seem like a nightmare, but it’s easy to do if you concentrate on having one statement piece instead of thousands of knick-knacks. You can also expand the idea of a statement piece into larger pieces of decoration in each room, as opposed to smaller decorative items scattered around the house. A statement piece can be whatever you want it to be — maybe it’s a huge masterpiece painting hanging from the wall, a statuette that you made yourself, a fish tank…etc. Find something that you, most importantly, won’t get tired of seeing every day and make it the star of the room.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you elevate your space without initiating a whole home renovation project!

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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