Quartz colours that won’t become obsolete with the passage of time

Apart from durability, the colour of your quartz worktop is a crucial decision that you need to make to ensure these won’t look outdated with the passage of time.

Kitchen worktops are meant to stand the test of time in terms of both durability and aesthetic appeal. This holds true for engineered quartz worktops as well. These incredible worktop materials are available in an array of colours and finishes to suit the requirements of the client.

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However, you as the customer need to be sure of what you exactly want in terms of how the worktop should look because you will have to live with it for a long time to come.

PURE WHITE QUARTZ ISLAND with a Back-lit application



There are broadly two kinds of palettes that appeals to homeowners when it comes to choosing a quartz worktop for their kitchen. The first kind of homeowner is someone who is drawn to classic colours and patterns and who believes that these colours will complement their homes well and add a touch of dignified elegance to it as well. The second kind of homeowner is the one who is attracted to ‘electricity’! Not real electric waves but the kind of magnetism that is expected out of quirky designs and deep bold colours and patterns.

Here’s a look at few quartz worktop colours that will do very well with the passage of time:

The classic white quartz worktop

White is universal in its appeal. It soothes even the most tempestuous of minds. And it works amazingly well in kitchens; either modern in its layout or even the traditional ones. White quartz kitchen worktops are available in a number of patterns — from light grey veins to dark spots. Their finishes also vary and you can get them either in a sleek polished look or in a more rustic ‘oft-used’ matte finish.

In either case, a white quartz worktop will add more depth to any kitchen and also the illusion of space. Whether you choose the all-white quartz worktops or a white quartz worktop with undertones of grey, pink and even blue, it will surely stand the test of time in terms looking fashionable and on point!

The powerful black quartz worktop


Black, despite certain negativity attached to this colour, is very attractive. It instantly adds an air of mystery as well as authority to any space. A black quartz worktop is ideal for those who want their kitchen to make a powerful statement. Black worktops complement all colours as well and stainless kitchen appliances look especially stunning against a black quartz worktop. Many homeowners also opt for dark grey quartz worktops and they look beautiful as well. Probably the caveat with owning a black quartz worktop is the possibility of stains and scratches being vividly visible to the naked eye. However, with some buffing you may be able to get rid of the marks and if not, then a few scratches are actually an indicator of a well-worn kitchen worktop!

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You may opt for any colour when it comes to quartz worktops but, these classics will surely pique your interest!