Remodelling Ideas that Would Increase Your Home Value

Are you thinking about putting up your house for sale but are at the same time concerned that you will not get the best market price for it? The situation in the housing sector is not entirely favourable, but there are ways to add value to your home. Basically, you have got to give some to get some. Making several improvements on your house will pay back. Beware, though, because not all investments are the right investments. Adding a pool, for example, might not be a good idea, since it raises the price of the house drastically and may divert some buyers from even asking for the price.

Here is what you can do.

Remodel the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, so start from this room. Real estate experts say that you can recoup as much as 120% of your investments in the kitchen. Do not exaggerate, though. Expensive kitchens are more suited for a fancy restaurant than a family home. Go for a cosy and homely atmosphere. Some fresh paint in warm colours, and new tiles on the walls and the floor, will go a long way. If you can afford it, consider replacing old appliances with the new, energy-efficient versions.

Energy-efficient insulation

Today’s buyers are looking to save money in the long run by buying homes that costs less to maintain. Make your home an energy-efficient home. Investing in new Energy Star windows might even get you a rebate from the government. Add proper insulation and seal the cracks to prevent any leaks. If you stay in the house for a longer period, you will save on utility bills and the investment will pay off itself.


Speaking of easily maintained homes, the basics should come before any fancy work. Replace the electric wiring and plumbing, rusty rain gutters, and check the sewerage system. The house will not only look prettier, but will feel safer. Search for electricians and plumbers like ones in Sydney that have the knowledge and tools to check the wires and pipes and who can replace them if need be. These basic updates increase the value of your home by far the most. The buyers like to see that the home has been regularly maintained, so paint the walls fresh. Do not let chipped paint scare them away.

Add a bathroom

Depending on the available space, it can be a half-bath, or a full bath, but having an extra bathroom in the house will appeal to potential buyers. The price varies based on the size and the type of bathware you choose. You can find these on sales at very affordable prices if you have time to wait. In addition to adding a new bathroom, make at least some basic upgrades in the old one. For example, toilet seats and soap dispensers are cheap yet make a world of different. Of course, if you have the budget for it, go for high-end pieces that will make your bathroom look luxurious.


If you have not got a big budget and can do only one upgrade, do the floors. To the buyers, these are the foundations on which the entire house rests. They need to look strong and durable. If your house already has good floor boards and tiles, just give them a touch up. Perhaps, pound a nail or two that are sticking out, or regrout the tiles. If not, invest in solid hardwood and high-quality ceramic tiles.

There are many options to get better price on your home, which one will you choose?