Some Quick Care Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture never goes out of fashion and if you maintain it well then it will retain the same new look lifelong. The wooden furniture can be used to give your home traditional as well as modern touch but the question is how to maintain it?

    While wooden furniture is very sturdy and long-lasting, it is equally important to maintain it well to protect it against any potential damage as little negligence will take away the luster from your costly wooden furniture in long run. If you have decorated your home with wooden furniture then no need to worry as we have listed here the quick care tips that will keep your wooden furniture new forever.

    1. Avoid Sunlight – Summer months go harsh on wood and if you have placed your piece of furniture near window or in garden then you need to think of changing the position during summers as the temperature in summer may go above 100°F which would be enough to dry out the grains and crack the furniture. The bright sunlight would also fade away the luster from the grains of wood while discoloring it.
    2. Keep Water Away – Occasional water spillage would do no major harm to the furniture but continuous contact with water would make the grains trap the moisture and would swell to cause deformities. If the region where you belong to has frequent rains then apply wax or oil to keep the surface moisture free.
    3. Dust and Dirt Free – Dust and dirt deposit on the furniture surface and settle there between the grains if not cleaned regularly. The regular removal of dust can be done with simple dusting done by paper towel or soft cloth. This will remove the dry particles off the surface which would otherwise cause rubbing effect on the surface.
    4. Cleaning with water and soap – This again is the common way to clean any material but while doing it for wooden furniture, use mild dish soap and warm water so as to clean the surface without any damage. If your furniture has some hard to reach areas or grooves, take the help of toothbrush. Cleaning with toothbrush, soft cloth, or paper towel won’t hurt the surface but make sure you don’t end up soaking your piece of furniture in water.
    5. Stitch in time saves nine – This is the age old saying and quite true for wooden furniture maintenance too. If you find some scratch or stain on your furniture piece then use the shoe polish to cover it up in time. This can be done with same colored shoe polish. Try to match the color to maximum possible extent so that you have even colored furniture free of any scratch and stain.
    6. Seek the expert help if required – All of the above tips are good for regular cleaning but if you are talking about some antique furniture or maintaining some important piece of furniture then seeking the expert help would be the last resort. They would use the right chemicals and cleaning agents to keep up the luster and texture of the wood in place.

    The above few care tips would keep your wooden furniture shiny and new for its lifetime. If you have some antique furniture pieces at your home or you are planning to get some then keep in mind these simple care tips and note the difference.

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