Tips for Renovating Your Loft

Renovating-LoftAs time goes by, even the most spacious of homes seem to shrink with the sheer amount of possessions humans have a habit of accumulating. When the need for extra space arises, most people decide to move – but do you really want to go through all that hassle? If you have a loft, you may not even have to: vacant roof space can easily be renovated into a top-floor room for various purposes granted a moderate investment, careful planning and a dash of elbow grease. Here are a few ideas to help you transform your loft into a snug study, playroom or studio without breaking the bank.

Safety first: Pre-emptive measures for successful conversion

Before you grab a power drill and go all Schwarzenegger on your loft, make sure your attic complies with local safety regulations concerning loft size, plumbing, ventilation and lighting standards. It may be a good idea to have an experienced architect or engineer check the attic supporting structure: the last thing you need is a freshly renovated top-floor room collapsing into your master bedroom should flooring give in to extra weight.

Warm and cosy: Away with draft and common cold

Lofts are often plagued by draft and heat leaks, which can be a major stumbling block on your quest for optimal temperature in the loft room. Depending on the state of your loft and your budget, you can choose between fibreglass, mineral wool, foam panels, polyurethane or polystyrene boards or even straw core insulation. Upgrading insulation will allow you to enjoy your time upstairs in summer and wintertime alike, and the total project cost will definitely pay off through reduced energy bills within months.Home-Decor-Tools

Lighten up: Tackling lighting in the attic room

Lack of natural light is a common problem in most homes, and lofts are no exception. Still, too much light can be an even bigger problem: as summer temperatures reach the sizzling point, your cute study or nursery may turn into an oven due to constant exposure to direct sunshine. If you have a skylight in your loft, deck it with custom blinds and shades – but if your problem is poor illumination, you can consider carving open a window or installing LED lights or recessed light fixtures.

Flush hour: Is toiling for a rooftop toilet worth it?

Incorporating a bathroom in your loft area may be a good idea if your family plans to spend hours up there. Still, all that flushes is not gold: adding a loo to the attic area in a home with existing plumbing issues may cost you more than it is truly worth. On top of that, take into account condensation build-up: if you do not have a small window anywhere near your future toilet, moss and bacteria may soon take over your loft-locked loo and promote rotting of the rafters and wall framing.

Imagination at play: Loft rooms that fit the bill

As for attic room décor, you can truly have anything you want: if the conversion is done properly, this room will be liveable just like any other part of your house. Pick a general colour scheme and outfit the room with carefully measured furniture in the right tones. Also, consider dividing large areas into separate sections using area rugs, open-back shelving and dividers. For a dash of warmth and interest, spice up the room with charming details such as lazy bags, accent walls, chandeliers or a rocking chair. Let your imagination play, because that is what loft flipping is all about, after all: allowing you to be creative and customize your space after your taste.

Renovating a loft is a highly rewarding endeavour: from scratch to suave in less than a month, your home can go up a notch without the risks of project costs going through the roof.