4 Important aspects of home exterior maintenance

    A home is usually defined by what’s inside. Your interior is where you spend the most of your time, and it can be challenging to maintain it, but the exterior of your home is equally, if not more important. The exterior of your home is what protects you from weather and elements, keeping away pests, moisture, and even rot, away from you. In order to keep your home safe and protected, you should focus on home exterior maintenance.

    We’ve done a bit of researching, and we’ve come up with this short guide through some of the most important aspects of home exterior maintenance. Hopefully, this article will help point you in the right direction when it comes to your home exterior, and what’s necessary to keep it protected. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and check out how and why to maintain your home exterior.

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    Keep window wells clean

    window shutter protection

    If you’re living in an area with a heavy rainfall, you’ve probably experienced a problem with water in a window well. If not, it can be a real nightmare. Neglected gutters and window wells often get blocked by dry leaves and branches. As those leaves fill the well, they start acting like a pool liner, and all the rain that gets accumulated in the window can’t drain. When the window fills with water, pressure breaks it, and the water starts pouring in. This usually happens with basement windows so you can imagine what kind of damage an issue like this can cause. What’s even worse, most of the basic insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage. Luckily, this problem is easily avoidable. You just need to take care of your window wells and gutters, ensuring they don’t get clogged. All you need is a pair of gloves and some basic tools, a little bit of time, and effort, and you don’t have to worry.

    Fix concrete cracks


    As with any other material, concrete cracks and wears down over time, especially when it gets exposed to the weather and elements like rain, snow, or heavy sunlight. From time to time, you will start noticing these cracks, and you should fill them in as soon as you do. If you neglect them, they will spread, and eventually cause a much serious issue. As concrete cracks and breaks into pieces, it can cause damage to your car, and someone can even get injured, not to mention how badly cracked concrete looks. As soon as you see your concrete gets cracks, clean those cracks up, get caulk or a compound, and fill them up. You will extend the longevity of your concrete patio, and you will keep your driveway safe.

    Inspect and repair the roof

    brick roof

    It’s needless to say that your roof protects your home, but it needs to be regularly maintained and inspected. When you’re living in an area with a heavy rainfall, like Queensland, then you have to make sure your roof doesn’t have any cracks or missing shingles, as the rain can pour in and cause serious damage. However, what most people don’t know is that exposure to too much sun can also be very harmful to your roof, and therefore your home. Areas like New South Wales have very hot summers, and that much sunlight can affect your roof in various ways, from color fading to its structural integrity. The best thing you can do is to consult roof restoration experts to help you estimate how serious your roof issues are.

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    Check for pests

    During the cold months, mice and rats tend to look for shelter in warm and enclosed spaces. They can get almost anywhere, including engine compartments, AC units, even sewage pipes. When they find a perfect spot, they start making their nests, and that means a lot of mess and damaged equipment. Mice and rats can live eating almost anything, and if you don’t tend to this issue in time, you’re probably going to have to change quite a lot of your equipment. Do a thorough inspection, and look for traces like food trails. Listen and knock to see if you have a pest nest within secluded areas in your garage. If you think the problem has gone out of control, call experts. Professional exterminators and pest control can help you out with any kind of pest problem you might encounter.

    When you’re a homeowner there are lots of things you have to take care of. However, those things don’t have to be a burden, as you just need some planning, time, and a little bit of effort to keep everything in its best possible condition. Spare some time and inspect your home exterior regularly. This will help you avoid any serious damage or budget-cutting problem in the future. Act as soon as you notice something isn’t working properly, and you will even raise your home’s value in the long run.

    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones.

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